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Chasing the Banana Fall

Updated: Jun 17

We're into the 2nd quarter of 2021 and Covid-19 continues to wreak havoc onto our 2021 holiday calendar. If you are running out of ideas for a getaway within boundaries of Kuala Lumpur/Selangor, maybe Pisang falls can be an answer.

Starting point: Trailhead Sungai Pisang

Hike Duration: 30 minutes of pleasant walk along the stream

End Hike: Backtrack or dry path along Karak Highway (no canopy cover 5.8km)

Hike Difficulty: EASY but in some parts, water may be knee-deep.

Scenery Rewards: 30m cascade of Pisang Fall

Park at the red marker (pay RM6 to the caretaker) And walk into the trailhead.

Tip: Technically you could park right up at the gate of the water treatment plant, but during the weekends, it gets really pack and congested! So it is much better to park in the designated area.

Leech alert, first time at Pisang Falls 10 years ago was a leech-infested zone but strangely, last weekend was leech free. But always come prepared!

30m Pisang Falls (Banana Falls)
The cascade of Pisang falls will give you a massage that will ease away any pandemic fatigue! Momentarily.....

Trail to the Falls

Walk along the trail along the river at the water treatment plant. Some parts of the trail are in the river. Your shoes will get wet eventually.

Cross the river and keep left until you reach the wall of the Karak Highway. Turn right until you see 2 huge drain culverts. We have to go through the drain culverts that run under the Karak highway.

Although dark the light at the end of the tunnel will guide you to the other side!

Tips: Although I did not experience it first hand there was an eye-witness of snakes in the tunnel! So make the walk through the tunnel brisk and quick!

Sungai Pisang
Walk through drain Culverts under Karak Highway

The trail is rather straight forward, but only if keep straight and take the right at the Y junction! 10 years ago, I attempted to come here with a group of friends, but one wrong left turn at the Y junction never brought us to our destination.

Waterfalls keep RIGHT! Keep Right when you reach the Y junction
From the Y junction, only another 15 minutes to reach the falls
When you reach a ginormous tree, you know you are on the right path!

From the huge tree, you'll walk along the forest, upstream along Sungai Pisang. In about 10 minutes after passing over a succession of picturesque cascades, a big rock, you will hear and smell the waterfall before you actually see it!

Many fallen trees along the way

At the falls, you can find a steep trail directly opposite that leads up to the main campsite. From this campsite, if you carry on to the left, there is a smaller campsite, closer to the water source. There is a smaller pool and gentle cascades along the stream there. Calmer and less crowded on a weekend.

The steep climb up the campsite 1!

On the return leg, we took the dry route along the Karak highway. Instead of descending from the slope at the campsite, veer left and follow the path. It leads to the highway. Walk along the highway until you reach the drain. Descend the drain and you will be back at the drain culvert. However, I think the drain walls can be challenging and torrential rain could fill up quickly. Therefore I would suggest a backtrack.

Can be rather tricky to climb down this ladder especially when it rains!



Exploring or escaping into the wilderness during times of movement control is a drag. You'll need a permit to enter most forest reserve. Call the Selangor forestry department to check if there are any available spots as only 100 visitors are allocated per week! Although I assume many visitors skipped this process, but if there were to be a raid, the fine could amount up to RM30K! Each entry is only RM5.

The Trailblazers organized this cleanup hike at the falls on this occasion. It was rather appalling to see the trash picnickers/hikers leave behind in our forest. We collected about 8-10 bags of trash from the forest on that day! Great efforts and a big shout out to the Trailblazers team!

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