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Ketumbar Hill, hiking in the city

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

Malaysia is characteristically pounded with rain at the end of every year. At this time most surrounding forest reserve are closed and will reopen around February. Therefore this is the best time to visit short hikes around the city's vicinity. Ketumbar Hill being right at the edge of Kuala Lumpur is a good pick especially when you can hike alongside tame wild boars!

Hogs use to roam freely in Ketumbar Hill!

Bukit Ketumbar, Apek and Saga used to be connected until the construction of the SUKE highway. Wild boars use to roam freely in Ketumbar hill, during the construction of the highway, but now that it has open up, the hogs must have found a way to retreat back to the jungle! Today, one must be extremely lucky to see one on a hike to Ketumbar hill!

Starting point: Trailhead from roadside

Hike Duration: 2-3 hours depending on fitness

Total Distance: 4km

End Hike: Backtrack

Hike Difficulty: Easy, Suitable for Newbies and children!

Scenery Rewards: City view

Parking: Roadside or drive all the way to the trailhead and park at the paid parking 3RM

What to bring

  1. optional hiking stick

  2. at least 1 liter of water

  3. good pair of hiking shoes

Part 1, shrine to city lookout point

As you ascent pass the shrine, there are 2 routes to the peak. The first uphill trail you approach is short and steep, if you trek on, the second uphill trail is less steep whilst a longer. But either trail you take, is an intense uphill workout!

If you are not used to steep uphill climbs, it is energy sapping and I was breathless halfway up the hill!

.... if you take the first trail, you'll pass the pavilion with views of the city.

Part 2 ingot rock to rocky plateau

As you reach the ridge, there will be signs pointing out which direction to head. The trail to the Ingot rock and SUKE highway outlook will typically take longer while the trail to the rocky plateau with the KL view shorter!

We took the extended trail, headed to find the "ingot rock", and continued to the rocky plateau with the KL view. The trail on the ridge is rather flat and tenuous until the appearance of some sci-fi shaped boulders.

A little adventure at the peak

Ingot rock

The rocky plateau is overgrown with thickets of wild ferns. And if you look closer around the rocks, you'll find creeping nepenthes supporting on the ferns! #pitcherplant #nepenthes

We took a little breather here, climbing the rocks and admiring the skyscrapers of the Kuala Lumpur! I would imagine that the plateau can be really hot on a sunny day, so remember to bring a cap! #ketumbarhill

Part 3 peak

We headed back into the wooded area and trek up to the peak. The peak is essentially an open gym with a make shift stall that sells drinks. So don't worry if you run out of water.

We spent some time testing out the self made concrete weights and workout equipment before taking the short and steep route back.

Heading down will require more care but thankfully the vanguards of Bukit Ketumbar has up-kept the trail well and there were ropes fasten to aid hiking!

Ketumbar hill peak


The maximum elevation for this climb at Ketumbar Hill was only 320m. It was chill hike that only took around 3 hours. It was a pity that we did not bump into any hogs on that day, but I hear that their sightings have become rare. Nevertheless, each time I plan to hike Ketumbar hills, it is always filled with anticipation and hope that I will bump into a family of hogs!

This hike is surely suitable for children and beginners!

Date visited: 2020, 2022



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