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Lion Rocks

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

In Hong Kong there is basically 2 season, in the heat and steam of hell and the other, which starts around end October,


Lion Rock, as the name suggests, resembles a LION!! Hong Kong lion rock is iconic to many Hong Kongers and there are many songs about the people who lives below this rock

Tips about the hike

  • there are 2 ways up the rock, Shatin Pass /Fat Jong Temple or Lion Rock Park, the former being the easier and faster way up!

  • takes about 45 minutes of steep ascent if you are fit otherwise from Shatin Pass, on a hot and humid day will take about 70min is you are fit and there is not much shade.

  • depending on your fitness level and whether or not you do picnic up the lion's head, allocate about 3 half to 4 hours to up & down the rock

  • bring loads of water

  • 5/5 rewarding view

  • look out for wild macaques!

  • depends where you end, take a taxi or walk to Chi Lin nunnery for vegetarian after the hike, you totally deserve it

Getting there

Depending where you are coming from, get off either at Diamond Hill or Wong Tai Sin MTR.

Due to the heat of the day, we took an easy ride by taxi to the Lion Rock Park. It won't cost more than 60hkd.

The track upward is rather straight forward.

After climbing about 20 minutes of steps, you will approach a Pavilion, from there follow the trail up to Lion rock, or you do have a choice to explore Beacon Hill at this point.

Another 30 minutes up from the Pavilion and you will be rewarded with the magnificent view of Kowloon and Mongkok and the Victorian harbour.

The clarity of the scenery if highly depended on the weather, so do choose a clear day!

Wild Macaques

Date of visit : September 2018



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