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Seven Rila Lakes Hike, Bulgaria

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Sometimes there are hikes you take that will last you for a life-time, the seven lakes in Rila Bulgaria was on of those.Bursting into life in spring, it was a moment of wonder!

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Coccus in Spring around seven lakes Rila Bulgaria

The best recommendation would be to stay the night on the mountain, wake up before dawn and absorb the water-colors in the sky as the sun appears from the horizon!

Ever year on August 19, the congregation of the White Brotherhood gathers here

A little bit about the lakes

Located northwest of the Rila Mountain, these are glacial lakes. The lakes are scattered at the foot of a massive cirque that includes the peaks of Sui Chalet (Dry Peak), Otovishki, and Haramiya. Each of them are named after their unique shape and appearance.

1. the fist lake you will see would be the Lowest Lake

2. Fish Lake, the seven lake shelter is on the banks of this lake

3. Three-leafed Lake

4. Twin Lake, this lake resembles an hour-glass

5. Kidney Lake, the shape of this lake is interesting, like a kidney

6. Eye Lake, Oval like an eye, it is the deepest 37.3m

7. Tear Lake, crystal clear water, sits at 2535m

All of them are connected by a narrow stream. I don't know if there were fish but most part of winter, spring and autumn these lakes are either frozen or covered in snow.

Reaching Rila Seven Lakes

There is a carpark right at the base of the chair-lift. It brings you to the 1st chalet Pionerska Hut, which has a restaurant in it, and fairly basic accommodation, dormitories or rooms! There are few more huts in the area one at Fish Lake, basic with no restaurant, there are more secluded and requires a little hike to reach there. Since we were hiking with children between 4-10 years old, we decided to stay in the Pionerska Hut, closest to the chair-lift or 2 hours on foot.#rilasevenlakes

Coming here in June, the snow has thawed mostly but not completely, there are meadows of saffrons! Crocus are in florescence at this period, the hues of purple with the fluorescent orange stigma is a sight to behold!#sevenlakesrila

Tear Lake still frozen in June

In June till August the meadows is bursting with flowers, apart from the purple fields of saffron you will come across primrose, all sorts of wild flowers.

The first 3 lakes we passed rather unimpressed but the top few lakes is truly breath-taking. The Twin lakes, the largest of all is fascinating as it mirrors the mountain into it's reflection, perhaps that is another reason why it is called the Twins besides the double lake characteristic of it.

The Twins Lake

The Kidney lake or Babreka is the lake with the steepest shores of the entire group.

Kidney Lake, Seven Rila Lakes

The highest Tear Lake, Salzata is where you can have the birds eye view of all the seven lakes. However, when I was there in June it was still frozen, as it is at 2535m, I think the best time would be in July when all the lakes are thawed!

Rila Seven Lakes

Hike difficulty

The hike up all the way to Tear Lake was fairly easy 3/5. It is a fantastic walk up sweeping fields of flowers surround by mountains and above the clouds, feels like in paradise on earth! We started off at dawn about 5.30am and we manage to reach back the hotel by 7.45am. It was truly an awesome morning hike!

What to bring

Sunscreen, jacket (the weather can be quite unpredictable at these heights), good and comfortable hiking shoes, and a good camera!

Come with me to the mountain, every rock there tells a story.........Das

Date of visit: June 2012

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