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Sushi Hunt Hong Kong

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Sushi hunters who seek value sushi together with craft and freshness, search no more. I love sushi and am always on a hunt for fresh and good sushi. Hong Kong, due to it's proximity to Japan has daily freshly flown in fish from the markets in Japan be it Tsukiji market, which is now in Toyosu Fish market or Fukoaka or anywhere else in Japan.


Address: Sun Ho Court, Shop A, G/F, No.29-31 Tung Lo Wan Rd, Causeway Bay

Hours: 1200

At the time of visit, Hong Kong is experiencing some challenging times with the protest against the extradition bill. Business, hotels and restaurants alike are facing tough times as the protest normally centers around the business districts. Therefore it's times like these when you can visit all your favorite restaurants without having to make a week long reservation in advance!

Lunch Set Menu

We selected the 9 kinds sushi with 1 sushi roll set. The prices here is really decent for good standard of fish!

All their meals come with a salad, cawanmushi, miso soup and an awesome dessert to seal it all! #sushi

If you have any likes or dislikes or crustacean allergy against shrimps or prawns, do inform the chef.

Our sushi in the set was aji, saba, tara, chumaguro, shellfish, sear-urchin, sweet eggs and tuna-maki, although they where not the top tier fish selection but all pieces were nicely textured, rice was ok, but i have a personal preference for stronger vinegar rice.

The sushi was so good that we were craving for more and thought that we could have chosen the 12 piece sushi set instead. Finally, to seal it off, we were given the choice between matcha ice-cream or peach pudding. We chose the latter and both of us were quite pleased with the ice-cream.

It is not your regular ones you buy in the supermarket but nicely sweet with red bean paste inside! It is a HIT!!! I think i could have eaten the whole thing if they gave me more!

The menu changes frequently according to the season and whatever fish available in the markets at that time in Japan. They do have a dinner menu which I heard is delicious and good quality too. I would rate this restaurant a 4.5/5, good price, good food, good service! I can't wait to go there again for my next visit!

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well......Virginia Woolf

Date of visit: September 2019



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