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Sweet Treats In Klang Valley

Contemporary culture is constantly obsessed with capturing that perfect food shot for the perfect moment until the next hype comes along! Current cafe hype is sweeping Asia, with each new cafe, promising more unique selling points and of course that perfect "food porn" shot for the gramme!

Here is a few of my favorite joints in the Klang Valley where I can zone out with my cuppa and simply stuff myself silly!

I promise to review my picks based not only on gramme worthiness but sweet old wholesome goodness that is worth every calorie!

SoyLab Damansara Utama


If you like soy, you would love this place. The 'soyffle' pancake, topped with soy ice cream has to be the highlight here!

The soy ice cream is so creamy and aromatic and the sweetness is just right! It's a perfect complement to the soufflé pancake.

A weekend queue would take you back an hour or more. If you are pressed for time, try ordering a take-away!

top five dessert shops in klang valley
Soy Ice with Pearl Toppings



Taman Paramount


Around the old quarters of shops in Paramount Garden, FLUFF Cafe stands out from the otherwise old conventional style shop around the area.

top 5 dessert shops in Klang Valley
Quality and delicious waffles and cakes

Fluff cafe boasts freshly made ice-cream, waffles and cakes from their kitchen daily!

The cakes and waffles here are a unique concoction of creamy, crispy, sweet and even salty! The lychée cloud cake and the poo bear waffles are their best selling number!

top 5 dessert shops in Klang Valley
Waffles with Earl Grey Ice Cream

top 5 dessert shops in klang valley
Sesame Match Cake

The place gets pretty packed especially during the weekends and peak tea-time hours. They are open from mid-day, come early to avoid crowds or waiting time! Most in-door cafes when packed, can be very rather loud, in Fluff, some thought was put in the design, with some hanging plants in attempt to perhaps reduce the noise?


Stranger at 47


Nestled at the row of shop that houses the No. 1 Banana Leaf Rice in Petaling Jaya (not necessary true) this cafe was an unassuming surprise.

top five cafes in Klang Valley, cafe jaunts, top 5 dessert picks in Klang Valley
Strangers at 47 & the posing model!

First, the coffee there really deserves a thumbs up! A friend who has been there on a tinder date rememberers noting much of that evening except for the coffee!

If you have crepes crave, Strangers at 47 makes all sorts from savoury to sweet, nasi lemak to salmon..... with a twist!

The staff there are also young, vibrant and sweet!

top 5 cafe in Klang Valley, top 5 dessert bars in Klang Valley dessert in Klang Valley
Nasi Lemak Crepes

top 5 dessert bars in klang valley, sweet treats in klang valley
Sweet Delicious Favorite be continued, trying my best to filter out all the buzz & hype & ambience but to focus on the REAL THING!

finding the best places is a journey! especially in todays world where the paramount factor is not in the food but the presentation and gramme worthiness!



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