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Best short hikes in Klang Valley

Updated: Apr 2

The everyday life in Klang Valley can be rather taxing. And in these trying times, we are constantly reminded of the 'pandemic' even when out hiking in the hills! But life must go on....... living in the Klang Valley, we are never too far from greenery. These are my 7 favourite forest reserve easily reached from city wherever you live that may offer you a peaceful respite from the bustle of the city.

1. Bukit Kiara at Taman Tun Dr. Ismail/Mt Kiara

This park has to be everyone's darling. In the middle of the city, easily accessible, a good mix of easy to moderate trails, with a picturesque view of Kuala Lumpur, and colonies of primates.

Lembah Kiara is connected to Bukit Kiara through a plethora of jungle trail for every level of tracker or mountain biker!

Lembah Kiara is a community park accessible from the Jalan Abang Haji Openg side, main entrance (link to google map). There are 2 jogging tracks there, a paved loop around the lake 1km and another outer loop, with a suspension bridge 1.8km long. There is a little stream feeding the lake and it is a perfect place to bring and introduce little toddlers to nature!

If you access through Changkat Abang Haji Openg, you could do the more challenging walk up the Kiara Hill.

Kiara Hill Walk. A 5km hill loop. Mostly paved pedestrian road, elevation gain 480 feet. I find this gradient absolutely good for burning the quads! Any guilt after a heavy meal, is washed away after a walk up here!

Bukit Kiara Trail. This trail starts at the indoor arena or the equestrian center (link to google map).

The labelled trail is nearly 2 km each way. The first 0.5 km is steep, then it levels out.

Otherwise, if you want a little adventure in the forest just hit the dirt path.

Bukit Kiara Trail from Ayuria, Mt Kiara

This trail starts at the opposite entrance of the Ayuria condominium. There is a clear trail that connects all the way to Taman Tun if you which to hike all the way there. The trail is well maintained and it passes waterfalls, huge boulders, strange tree, streams, old rubber trees and it is rather enthralling! For more details on the highlights of Bukit Kiara trail, please click here)

*there are about 6 entrances into Bukit Kiara trail and countless trails that you can explore. Among them from Kampung Palimbayan, Heliconia Trail from Kampung Sungai Penchala, Behind SMK Seri Hartamas..... and more that I am still exploring!

Elf Cups, Sarcoscyphaceae, kind of fungi

One of the many falls in Bukit Kiara

2. Bukit Gasing

For PJ dwellers, Bukit Gasing or Gasing Hill is certainly no strangers to many. Situated near PJ Old Town, Bukit Gasing is a hidden gem in Seksyen 5 neighborhood off Jalan Gasing (linked to google map). It is easily accessible from either Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya, and it has a great vantage point of the city! #HutanKotaKita

top5parksinklangvalley, hikesinklangvalley, top5hikesinklangvalley
Gasing Hill Suspension Bridge

There are many hiking trails to choose from. They range from easy to moderate in terms of difficulty. Each trail takes one to two hours. The course is about 2.45-9km, leading to a suspension bridge, watch tower, and Hindu temple. A river runs through the forest and you can trek using it as your path.

The flight of stairs up the Abu Bakar Hill is a good quad and gluteus maximus workout course!

tophikesingasinghill, top5hikesinklangvalley, gasinghill
Several trails to the suspension bridge

There is an interesting wall at the reservoir!

Flora and fauna

It was a rubber estate in the past but, over the years, the miraculous restorative powers of nature have been allowed to work their magic and the park is now a haven of lush secondary forest including some pretty large trees. I found wild lime bushes with interesting fruits! And if you zoom closely, there are huge colony of fungi here!

There are many monkeys and squirrels and butterflies along the trail too!

....the blue mushroom sprouting season is perennial, normally late June/July at the Bukit Nangka ridge in Bukit Gasing! There is huge spawn of stinkhorn mushroom too!

Gasing Hill is truly a gem in the city, easily accessible, rich in flora and fauna and well maintained trail!

top 5 hikes in Klang Valley, Gasing hill, hikes in Klang Valley
New suspension bridge towards car park

top5hikesinklangvalley, gasing hill, gasing hill hikes, bukit gasing
Kuala Lumpur view from Gasing Hill

3. Kota Damansara Forest Reserve

This is a little well organised gem within the city if you need a forest bath or a little unwinding from the city's hustle and bustle. Grab Car or drive and park by the side of the road to the trailhead (linked to google map).

There are a myriad of trails here suitable for every level. They are well-maintained and suitable paths to introduce to young hikers from 5 years old.

Here are few of the trails:-

Petaling Trail –Easy 25 minute walk suitable for children and all fitness levels.

Scouts’ Trail – Easy 45 mins walk suitable for all fitness levels.

Temuan Trail – This is an additional 2 km loop from the Scouts’ Trail. Add this to the Scouts’ Trail walk for a combined 4 km or a hike 80 mins

Sahabat Trail –  A full 6 km walk takes 90–120 mins.

Unity Trail – This 2 km trail strategically links the entire trail network by joining the Harmoni Trail and the Sahabat Trail.

Harmoni Trail – Easy 2 km Trail

Sipew’s Garden – This is an ethnobotanical garden of about 800 meters

Unity Peak - about 2km in length it is asses via the Unity Trail walk

Denai Tiga Puteri – Denai Tiga Puteri which is about 1.5 km in length is accessed from Unity Trail. When heading up to Denai Tiga Peak, beware that you are very close to the parameters of the North-South highway, pay caution and don't roll down the cliff for that insta shot!

Due to the current SOP conditions due to the pandemic, please refer to for openings and closing of the park!

kotadamansarahikes, top5hikesinthecity, top5hikesinklangvalley
Taman Rimba Kota Damansara
top5hikesinklangvalley, topfivehikesinthecity, hikesinthecity
Well maintained tracks of Sahabat Trail

Petaling & Chempaka trees aplenty in this secondary forest
Denai Tiga Puteri Lookout- can have a picnic here but ignore the noise pollution from the highway! !

You'll see different flora and fauna in different months. In March, the forest floor was full of Cempaka flowers. The distinguishable fragrance fills the forests making it such a pleasurable forest bath moment!

Note: Due to the lake around the vicinity, there are swamps of mosquitos. However the further you hike from the lake it gets less. But do remember to spray yourself generously with mosquito repellent and don't let any flesh unturned!

4. Bukit Ketumbar, Apek Hill

Bukit Ketumbar located at Cheras Baru in Kuala Lumpur with the height of around 300 meters and distance around 1.4km to the top. Average hikers can reach the top within 1 or less! For a more challenging workout, head to Apek Hill, they are somewhat connected.

You get a brilliant view of the city from the vantage point, but the prize of this hike is the opportunity to walk along with the wild boars which roam freely around the hills.

top5hikesinklangvalley, tophikesinklangvalley, hikesincity
View of Cheras from Ketumbar Hills

To get here, get a GRAB CAR or if you are driving, park along the road towards Ketumbar Condo (linked to google map). The parking may be full depending on which day you attempt to the hike! There is a temple on the left, and walk straight in to the trail head of the hike. You could turn right and attempt the more challenging trek uphill! The elevation is steep but it's short and sweet!

If you keep on the main trails, the hike is rather direct, straight up to the peak with, a left or right option, the right being the more challenging option but both leads to the peak!

If you take the right path, at the fork, take the right you can view the sweeping scenery of Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

If you follow the "Ingot rock" trail, it will lead you through some mysterious sci-fi rock formation before reaching a clearing at the plateau. The plateau is dotted with more gigantic strange boulders, and also a thick rope to aid climbing to a higher vantage point. From there you could see all the "high sky-scrappers" that towers the city.

......some interesting rocks you'll pass along the "Ingot trail"!

Best way to overcome your fear for heights!

Another rewarding treat about the Ketumbar hill, apart from wild boar sightings, is the plentiful nepenthes or monkey pitcher plant that creeps among the wild thickets of ferns exclusively at the clearing on the peak.

...these low land nepenthes are not as fanciful as the highland ones!

Along the trail the boars may come up to you, don't get startled and don't go too close to them! However of late, wild board sightings has become far and apart. But the anticipation to meet the hogs on this hike is always high!

tophikesinklangvalley, top5parksinklangvalley, hikesincity
Nature Gym

At the peak, it is sort of an open air gym with more wild boars. It is really an interesting place, where the locals meet up and perform their regular morning walks.

There are trails here connected to Ah Pek Hill and Saga Hill respectively.

The Kutumba Hill trail is truly enjoyable, short & sweet, suitable for children and elders alike!

Note: There are wild boars roaming the area, so best not to get startle, and don't bring food with you.

5. Bukit Besi, Alam Damai, Cheras

Cheras has many hiking options to offer! Bukit Besi, is situated in the opposite direction of the Ketumbar Hill, doesn't have as many friendly wild boars as Ketumbar Hill, but it has a magnificent view of the mountains of Selangor and the glorious KL skyline!

Getting here: Get to the OCBC bank in Alam Damai (google map link)

The hike is a loop, 2.48km and it is relatively easy.

Short & sweet with rewarding city view!

Park your car at the shops, around OCBC bank. Cross the main road and you will see a dirt road that will lead you into the wooded area. Walk up the shady dirt road for 10 minutes and you will arrive at the reservoir.