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Victoria Peak, Only better, HIGH WEST,西高山

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Victoria Peak, the favorite choice of every visitor to Hong Kong! Over the years it has become more and more commercialized, entry charges to view points, hoards of tourist, long queues! STOP!! There is a better way up here, unobstructed views, calm and serenity and a huge feast of Hong Kong camellias along the track to that stellar view point of High West!

hike-hong-kong, hong-kong-hikes
High West

Starting point: Bus 4,7,37,40,43,91,970 etc. get off at Pok Fu Lam Reservoir

Hike Duration: 2 1/2-3 hours

End Hike: Back to Victoria Peak bus stop, or continue to Lung Fu Shan

Hike Difficulty: 2/5 (the track is very well maintained)

Scenery Rewards: 4/5

Note: Short cut would be to take bus 15 to the Peak and join the Circle walk and deviate to High West! All in 30 min (one way)! It all depends on your time!

highwest, victoria-harbour
Hong Kong Victoria Harbour View

The trail starts at the Po Fu Lam Reservoir Road. Walk pass the Pok Fu Lam Public Riding School.

Further up, the reservoir view could be seen on the right. At the entry of Po Fu Lam Country Park, take the flight of steps up on the left, the one next to the board. The flight of stairs seem imposing and you may think it won't end, but don't worry it is only about 4 flights up!

After passing the grassland, it leads up to join Hong Kong Trail, take the direction towards the peak.

The trail is straight-forward, passing through streams and brooks, along the ascent, at yonder, sights of Lamma Island and the coast of Po Fu Lam and Pok Fu Lam reservoir is visible.

thecircletrail, highwest
The setting sun, Pok Fu Lam reservoir

Keep following the direction to the peak until you reach this fascinating tree and head to High West through Circle Walk.

The walk at the peak circle is flat and is lighted at night. Therefore, if you venture to catch the sunset at High West without a torch and make it back to circle walk by dark, you will be fine!

The walk on the Peak Circle route is home to may birds and native flora and fauna and of course the Hong Kong flower (Hong Kong camellia)! That is the flower you see on the flag of Hong Kong if you didn't realize.

Hatton Road to High West Trail

From the circle walk take the left path to the pavilion of the rest area at Harlech Road towards the High West Trail.

You will reach a clearing filled with camellias and then it is a steep climb of stairs. This is intense bootie workout!! About 15 flights to reach your destination!!

Highwest, highwesttrail
A picture tell a thousand words! Intense workout!

When you arrive you will realize that it is all worth it! It takes about 10-15 minutes to climb these stairs depending on your fitness level.

Hike's a destination not a journey if you are coming from Pok Fu Lum Reservoir! When you arrive at High West vantage point, the rewards floods your senses!

highwest, victoria peak
Sunset in Highwest

We came here for the sunset. The stellar view of the skyscrapers, the Victoria Harbour, the amazing colors, the magic moment the sun turns form bright yellow to an intense amber, like a salted egg yoke! It was amazing and no pictures could describe that moment!

highwest, the peak circle
Sunset at HighWest, everyone was in their moment!

If you did not bring your torch or flashlights, do make it down before the sun vanishes into the horizon. The point is to get back to circle peak walk by dark! Otherwise, if you plan to linger for some night shots, be prepared with your light gear!

highwest, the peak, high-west-trail
Sunset in High West

We manage to reach the circle walk before dark and made it safely to the peak bus stop and took bus 15 all the way back to Central MTR station.

highwest, highwest trail
Mt Davis, from The Peak

Pinewood Battery

If you come here during the day, you could continue your hike to Lung Fu Shan, Pinewood Battery, from the Pavilion at the rest area in Hatton Road.

At the Pinewood Battery, you can see some military remnants and deserted broken battery in a large circle base!

As you pass Pinewood Battery, walk down Hatton Road, to Kotewall Road and take minibus 13 going to Central.

So the next time you come t Hong Kong, don't do the Victoria Peak but the High West for free unobstructed and non crowded panoramic views of the harbour! It is truly breathtaking!

Highwest, peakcircle, the peak
High West

Date visited: 3 December 2019