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Borovets Ski Resort, 45 minutes from Sofia

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

To think of Bulgaria as a ski destination is perhaps quite remote but surprisingly this Eastern European country receives huge amounts of moisture from the Aegean Sea or the Black Sea, depending if the Snow Queen is smiling on you. The altitude range from 1323m to 2540m at Borovets.

Borovets Ski Piste

Borovets is the biggest mountain resort in Bulgaria. The 58km of ski slopes are spread over Sitnyakovo, Markudjik and Yastrebetz. Learn how to ski on Sitnyakovo, in a few days you will be curving in and out between the trees in Markujik or Yastrebetz. Note that there is a shuttle service from Sinyakovo area to Markujid as there is no connecting ski lifts! The bus comes every 10-15 minutes. There is also night skiing at Sitnyakovo slopes just in case you have not gotten enough of skiing in the day!

Why Borovets is such an amazing resort especially for beginners

This is a relatively small resort. If you stay in a hotel right at the foothill of the slope, it is totally ski in-out luxury. And the service at the ski shop is so luxurious, you won't get this anywhere else for this price! No French airs, no Austria elegance, no automated Japanese flare, just simple hospitable warm Bulgarian service! The service is value for money and I believe not many in Europe can rival their prices! Personal ski, snowboard instructor, ski, snowboard rental, ski apparels, everything is value for money!

Where to stay

Right at the base of Sitnyakovo piste, at the lifts is where Ice Angles Hotel is situation!

You can have half board breakfast and dinner at the hotel and the provide professional ski and snowboard coaching! Although there is no pool but the location of the hotel really makes up for it! Please don't make Rila Hotel your choice of stay!

Favorite Ski Piste

There is so much to to ride in Borovets...... it is not rocky and edgy with sheer cliffs that may be risky to skiers who are unfamiliar with the terrain , you could ride anywhere, in between trees, off piste, down the gondola hill.....find your secret way to the beach, hike a little and leave your line on the fresh snow, get so close to rabbits or deers that are hunting by the mountain slope. it just seem it is ALL FOR YOU!

Coming here in the weekdays after a heavy snowstorm the previous night is simply heavenly! There are not so many skiers or snowboarders here, you practically have the whole Rila mountain range to yourself! However during dry years some slopes may be icy, so watch out!

I would hang out in the 3 slopes at Markudjik the first half of the day, ski in and out of slope 1, 2 and 3, and just dodge all the trees on the FonFon slope! And when your legs are tired, head to Yastrebets, and get a horse carriage to bring you back to your hotel!

Clubbing, bars, drinking, food, you have them all in this little cozy resort.

However, if you are here for a week and feel a little bored with the small town, there is a bus that can bring you down to the town of Samakov right before Borovets Ski Resort.

There are more local food restaurants in Samokov and if you are staying in an apartment, it is a good idea to stock up from here!

Ski season in Borovets like anywhere else is depended on the amount of snow they receive. In 2012, ski season ended at 15th April, and there was plenty more of good snow at that time!

Bulgaria, so mountainous, warm with hospitality and so free!

Date visited: December-April 2010-2013

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