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Chamonix Ski Fix

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

The difference between skiing in Chamonix as oppose to Tignes would be the altitude! If you chose to stay in Chamonix town itself, to get to the slopes you will need some time to get up to any reasonable piste unless you stay very close to any gondolas! Close to the gondolas would mean a far walk to the town center..... well you can't have your cake and eat it!

The roughed peaks of Mt Blanc

skimap, skipitse
Chamonix Ski Pitse

Chaminox is a great combo of slopes, Mt Blanc, glacier ski, village charm, also coming from Geneva or Lyon, it takes not more than 1 hour plus, as compared to Tignes or Val d'Isera (2 half hours). The mountain scenery here is dramatic!

The mountains above Chamonix are not just high – the mighty Mont Blanc is the highest in Western Europe. The ride up the Aiguille du Midi cable car is breathtaking and at the top there’s a ‘Step into the Void’ glass viewing area, complete with a glass floor above a drop of 1000m.

My favorite place to ski in Chamonix is Argentiere. If you are staying in Chamonix village, the fiddle bus will take you from Chamonix village stopping at Flegere lifts and Argentiere and finally Le Tour, the secluded village of Le Tour sits at the foot of the broad Balme area.

My favourite slope in Valle De Chamonix would be

  • The top runs on the north-facing Grands Montets slopes above Argentière. The snow condition here is normally good! The ungroomed black pistes from here – Point de Vue and Pylones – are long and exhilarating. The former sails right by some dramatic sections of glacier, with marvellous views of the crevasses. Awesome and better when it is not icy as it does get icy here!

  • When riding home to catch the bus, I love the Pierra a ric. If you have been riding above tree level the whole day and then as you approach this slope, it will take you to the forest!

  • Valle Blanc, personally I did not do it but, don't ever waste the opportunity to do it when you are here!

The rough and rugged nature of the slopes means they are best for snowboarders too and more for adventurous riders willing to try true all-mountain riding. However please note that the mountains are huge and to a certain degree could be dangerous.

I had an accident there involving my daughter and to see her fall off the cliff like a rag doll is something I will never forget! Never remove your skis when you are at steep terrain. You could fumble your way to the cliff drop or simply loose your way but never remove your skis unless you lose them in the garage sale falling! Also, these mountains are huge, and we never know when an accident can happen.....I would totally recommend insurance when you buy your ski pass! At least you won't be the one paying for that heli ride to the hospital if (touch wood) something bad happens!!

Lost in Argentiere

Thank God, after much difficulty we manage to get on a ski touring rough path to civilization, we survived relatively unscathed but with a missing ski pole and a badly dented one! Also we were not wearing helmets at that time!!

For children

There is a huge variety of ski school in Chamonix, you will be spoilt for choice! Normally I would send my children to the ski school at 9.00 and you will have to pick them up about 3.00. By the 5th day they will be riding like a pro!

Chamonix will be a ski resort I will keep coming back again, however recently in 2018-2019 the resort has experienced some record dry months. Book your ski holiday and track the snow. Be completely excited or down with the conditions you will be riding on!

It was forecasted that in 20 years the Alps will have no more snow!! Now that's some serious revelation!

The thing about ski vacation is that it is always a gamble. You can go back to the same place in 2 different years and the experience could be completely different!!

So, it is the BIG RISK!! And perhaps it is always the big risk that keep us placing our bets on a POW HOLIDAY on and on again!! You win some, you loose some!! However, there is a little place in Japan, Niseko, where POW always wins!!

Off piste at your own risk!

Date : March 2015



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