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Cherandong Dam via Ampang Pecah, KKB

Updated: May 19, 2023

Kuala Kubu Bharu has always been a weekend gateway for city folks in Kuala Lumpur. Its vast landscape, flanked by large trees, rolling hills and mountains, a meandering river, cascading falls and a huge vast dam earns it the top spot for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike. Today, the Trailblazers Hiking Group is on a quest to discover the old dam from the British era, upstream from the Cherondong falls.

Starting point: Trailhead Cherandong

Hike Duration: 45 minutes of pleasant walk along the stream, some scrambling at the final part to Stage 1 the old dam

End Hike: Backtrack

Hike Difficulty: EASY

Scenery Rewards: Old colonial heritage

PERMIT REQUIRED initially no permit or entrance payment required but due to its increasing popularity, the Selangor Forestry Department has made it mandatory to apply for permit. Alternatively, on weekdays, the orang asli sets up a collection booth and collects 2rm per pax ( prices may change due to inflationary pressure)

Leech : NONE

Park just before the entrance of Kampung Buluh Telur, a Temuan Village. Bukit Kutu at the background

The mult-tier dam of Chrandong is a fascinating archeological discovery & evidence of engineering from the Colonial era!

Part one: Through the oil palm groves

From the entrance of the trailhead, you will approach a fork, keep left.

Tips: If you arrive late you might need a cap, as the first part of the trail through the oil palm plantation is unshaded.

Alternatively, you can drive in a four-wheel-drive through the dirt road.

From this point, you meander through oil palm groves. Oil palm fruit scatters the ground, you start to see the roaring murky Selangor river on the left. The trail slopes up a little and the river turns emerald green.

There are 4x4 tracks up to the fork where the trail ends but the track is extremely uneven

If you head straight, at some point when the trail bends you should hike to the left! There is nothing up the peak and the trail ends abruptly.

Part 2: By the Selangor River

The trail by the river is rather straightforward, though slightly rocky over boulders and rocks. The surface of the rocks can be really slippery especially when wet or after rain.

Lower Cherandong waterfall where it meets Sg Selangor, right before the climb up to the dam

About 30m from the campsite you will approach the Cherandong falls. This spot is the normal rest point for white water rafters, as there are few flat boulders perched towards the river. Such a scenic spot to rest and relax!

Tip: The river here is definetly not for the faint hearted as the currents and torrent are strong and unforgiving. Take caution when bathing at the falls. Keep your belongings safe!

Part 3: Climb to the OLD DAM

The climb to the old dam involves a stream crossing and an 80-degree climb up a little hill. Don't worry, it's a short and furious climb! However, at this point, if crossing sharp-jagged and slippery rocks is not your thing, there is a trail on your right, easier way to the dam. Just make a left turn after a short while up that path. This will also keep your shoes dry! #coloniallegacy #cherandongwaterfall #ampangpecah

Steep clim up to the dam, with some stream crossings

A short 30m ascend and you will be able to see a veil of water softly cascading down the wall of perhaps the remains of the old dam of Kuala Kubu, 1883. (some history about the dam)

Old Cherandong Dam

The mysterious structure is about 10m high and 30m in wide and the 9 steps are relatively intact built from bricks and mortar. At visual inspections, this wall may be a spillway. They are used, when a reservoir is full, to pass floodwater safely, and in a controlled way, over a dam, around it or through it. It is a wonder how these walls have remained intact for over a century! #cherandongdam

Retaining tier wall of Cherandong Dam

Collapsed Semi-circle columns holding pipes to transport water upstream or downstream still intact.

Pre war structures of the British era on the upper pool

On the left of the wall, a narrow and steep path leads you to the upper pool.

You can find another structure on the upper pool. The water here is calm, placid and pristine. This dam must use to be much bigger until all the erosion and trees and scrubs started growing over the century.

A little further, another water cascade and that is where the trail ended. From oral accounts from the local people, there is another dam structure further up! That,will be left to uncover in time to come!

The floor of the jungle at this part of the upper dam is strewed with petai flowers. These bomb-shaped petai flowers can be a painful projectile when they fall from 45m trees and land on your head! As we were having coffee, one of these bomb-shaped flowers missed us by a few centimetres. #petai

Therefore if you chose to have a picnic, the step walls area would be a better choice.

petai branches will grow from these flowers if pollinated.

It is only with the forces of nature that this over 100-year-old secret is kept till today and the tight lip indigenous tribe who owns the land!

Click here for Jeffery Hammer vlog on Cherandong Old Dam


This old dam relic discovery is rather recent and it is going viral fast. The location is no secret but we have the responsibility to upkeep the cleanliness and protect the beauty in its natural state.

The hike is backtrack and is not more than 6km to and fro. It would be ideal if you could pair it with another hike around the area like Bukit Batu Pahat or even make a visit to the hot springs. (googlemap)

Kuala Kubu town is also famous for some delicious wholesome food, such as the Kaya Puff. We had our lunch at Restaurant Nine Thy Eight, their chicken wine was exceptionally delicious!

Date visted: 2nd October 2021


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