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High Junk Peak Hike

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Starting point: Most people who are coming from Tsuen Kwan O Mtr, you need to get on the 103M mini bus to the Bay View Pavilion (Cost 9.80hkd). If you are not sure let the bus driver know before hand that you want to stop at Keng Wan or Ng Fai Tin!

Hike Duration: Allow 2-3 hours

End Hike: You could exit either at Clear Water Beach 2 or Tai Miu Au. If you chose to exit at Tai Miu Au, allow and extra 1 hour.

Po Toi O fishing village over a well deserved seafood lunch or dinner! And take mini bus 16 back to Metro City, Po Lam.

Hike Difficulty: 3/5 Medium

Scenery Rewards: 4/5

Clear Water Bay Hike

The scenery reward for this hike is really satisfying as the hike is rather gentle with few shaded bamboo forest parts and trees at the beginning. The climb to the peak at the very end required a little clambering but just for the last 20m or so! #hongkonghikes

High Junk Peak

Start from the pavilion, and walk up the stairs with the green railing till you reach a crossroad. Please don't take the right, go left and up the flight of rock stairs. The left trail leads to the cemetery! Follow the trail as it bends to the left and it will lead you to a clear flat part where you can see the Junk Bay view. #highjunkpeak

Walk pass the flat area and head for the next flight of steps, just head all the way up, and don't go on the mountain bike track.

This flight of step will elevate you to some breathtaking panoramic views of the bay area Silverstrand against Junk bay. It is a stark juxtaposition between urban and country park!

On a clear day, you could see all the way to Central and the silhouette of the Lion Rock! Just from this point the view is fantastic! As you hike further on ridge you will get the view of Clear Water Bay.

High Junk Peak

You will pass some some shaded trees, as you ascend the first part of hump, and then there will be a descent. Watch out for loose gravel especially if you come here during the dry season. Hike through the bamboo forest, this part is actually the backbone of the ridge. And from here you will reach the final climb up the High Junk Peak, 307m.

Walk along this ridge before Final Climb

The area at the peak is narrow with some sharp drop at certain parts. The clouds can shroud some parts of the trail at the peak. Beware if you have to do take INSTA SHOT on one of those rocks with the Clear Water Bay peninsular view!

High Junk Peak 307m

From here the trail is pretty straight forward, just go all the way down and there will be a sign directing you to exit either to Sheung Sze Wan, further down at Clear Water Bay Beach 2 or all the way to Tai Miu Au.

A f you take the Sheung Sze Wan exit, there is still a long way to Poi Toi O for your luxurious seafood lunch or dinner, so I would recommend to walk to Clear Water Bay Beach, take the road way to the village or if you are still feeling fresh, walk all the way to Tai Miu Au.

At Tai Miu Au you will be able to see the engraved rock during the Tang Dynasty Period and also the picturesque Tien Hau Temple that faces the sea!

And when you finally reach Po Toi O, you can order everything on the menu and feast your well reserved lunch or dinner.

Further in the village during weekends there is a lovely aunty selling desserts ranging for red bean soup, bean curd pudding, black bean soup, depending on the day.

In this village there sell some locally dried fish, cuttlefish and sometimes octopus.

Salted Fish

Po Toi O is a really picturesque village and here you feel so far away from everything urban. Clearway bay hike is a great weekend getaway and not too far from the city and rather easily accessible. Best to run away from any negativity especially from the protest that has been on-going for 5 months now!

Clear Water Bay Hike

Date of hike: Any time of the year but try to come when the skies are clear!



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