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How would travel be like after Covid-19

I would think that many regular people would have their travel plans affected in way or another due to this cataclysm pandemic...... especially in an era of "everyone can fly"!!

So, how's it going to be fast-forward few months from now for our travel plans? Could the virus just vanish and not appear on the face of the earth ever??

travels after corona virus, travels after covid-19
I think I look like IT!!- photo credit: Paul Liang

Few Questions I have been think about......


So the vaccine comes out, but we are all told that the virus is constantly mutating to be stronger and infectious! Will you risk your family and yourself to be on an airplane in an aerosol environment for hours!


Will this be the norm each time we travel overseas- 14 days of imprisonment? There are so many countries in the 'hot-zone'. Countries slapping travel bans on each other for political reciprocality simply makes planning a futile task!

How is it even possible to plan for your next holiday when the virus travels x10000 times faster than you! Where would be the next hot-spot?

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance have been quick to wash their hands clean from anything remotely related to Covid-19! So if you are stranded in paradise don't even think your travel insurance will cover for any 'extra-ordinary circumstances'!! However, in all their defense, my insurer stated that there was a fine print stating that any insurance bought before xx Jan 2020 would not cover for any cancellations related to Covid-19 (the fine prints has since became large red warning signs since March 18 when Malaysia impose the RMO)! Hopefully your travel policy's fine prints was bigger!

WARNING on Covid-19 related Claims

When can we hit the SKIES again

With all these uncertainties, news that reminds you of imported Covid-19 cases that seem to stuck onto you like a hungry leech each time one embarks on a journey is enough to douse any 'wanderlust'!

travels post covid-19, travels post corona virus
Spring festivals that will be cancelled due to the pandemic

Take baby steps by traveling in your home country

I think before I start planing anything soon, it will surely be a holiday where I can travel in the comforts in my own car...... unless I can afford my own private jet! So, for now, let me relive or live my wanderlust through the world wide web!

trips post covid-19, travels post corona virus
Home bound trips

Take this opportunity to conserve and up-grade your next destination to LUXURY

If you think in dollars and cents, and judging from all those forced holiday and isolation time out that we are doing......surely there won't be many holidays left-overs after the corona storm! Hence, perhaps traveling in LUXURY by upgrading everything from your air-plane ticket to that presidential suite and that Michelin star experience could be an option.

The image of a country

Each time I visited St Petersburg I give big respect to the golden citizens there for how they lived through the siege of the Leningrad during the WW2! Prior to this, Italy for me is one hot delicious, food comatose destination, but now especially immediately I just feel great grievance and sadness when I think of this beautiful county that never fails to enthrall me in every positive aspect! What will it take and how long will the memories blanket this dark grim of hopelessness on all of us!

travel post covid-19, travel post corona virus
I can't go back not thinking about all the misery that had engulfed the country

travels post "covid-19" , travels post corona virus
Will it ever be the same again


For now, I guess the only exploration I'll be doing will be within my house! I think it will be the best time to find my 'spark joy' moments around my world within my 4 walls!

Perhaps this is nature's way of taking a break, telling us that it needs time-out? This is an ecological respite for the world from the huge crowds and the debauchery of over-tourism, so let's all just take this moment to #stayhome and remember that each storm will run out of rain!

In the meantime before we gain back our confidence and do our revenge travels, let's take some time to think how we could return to it in a more responsible, sustainable way!

Stay well and stay home! And do share your travels disasters too! CIAO!

Date: 30th March 2020



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