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Langkawi in 48 Hours

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

This lush, tropical paradise island is located in northwest Malaysia where the Andaman sea meets the Straits of Melacca! It has so much to offer, from island hopping to mountain hiking, eating, duty-free shopping. Here are my best picks of how to utilize your time in this glorious island with limited time!

pulau langkawi, snorkelling in langkawi, langkawi in 48 hours
Pulau Payar, in between Penang and Langkawi



This is best done in the morning when the sea is calm and temperature is cool. Typically the itinerary of 2 hours will include a cruise into the mangrove area of Klim Geopark where you can experience the fascinating habitat of this unique environment!

This will cover eagle feeding, crocodile cave, fish farm, bat cave (yikes....not now) fish feeding, beach hopping and simply cruising through the mangrove forest!

Tip: As this is located at the far east of Langkawi, please allocate about 30-60 minute of travel time unless you live around Tanjung Rhu area.

48 hours in langkawi, langkawi
Eagle Feeding

Klim goe park, langkawi in 48 hours, langkawi
Swimming monkeys


The most popular option would be to take the cable car up to Gunung Machingchang, walk along the sky bridge for sweeping views all the way to Thailand. The only con about this option is that the long waiting time to get on the cable car!

However if you decide to take this option, do it in the morning and later hike up to the Seven Wells Waterfalls. The Seven Well waterfall and the cable car with the walk would take up a whole day!

Tips: Head to the Oriental Village at 9:00am to enter as soon as it opens. Pre-book the lift tickets to save time.

48 hours in langkawi, langkawi
The biggest attraction of Langkawi is the cable car ride and the uniquely constructed Sky Bridge.

HIKING, Gunung Raya 881m, Gunung Machinchang 701m, Gunung Kuang 420m

Langkawi is mountainous and has many hiking options to choose from if you are looking for some work-out!

You could walk 1000 step up to Gunung Raya, to catch the sunset, and grab a taxi down. ( you can drive up or get a taxi up to Gunung Raya)

Climb up the second highest peak of Gunung Machinchang from the top of Seven Wells (638 steps from the Oriental village). Allocate about 2 hours one way up!

Travel to Kauh town and climb up Gunung Kuang. Although it is the lowest mountain the trail is untrodden but only with deers, therefore not a great option!

Note: most hikes would take about 2-4 hours return if you go on foot, therefore plan accordingly!

48 hours in langkawi, langkawi
Views from Gunung Raya 881m

langkawi in 48 hours, hike langkawi
View from Gunung Kluang 443m

Strange mushrooms, local yam plants at the forest ground.

Evening, bar hopping and watching the sunset

langkawi, 48 hours in langkawi, sunset in pantai cenang
Sunset in Pantai Venang

There is a huge variety of cuisine and bars along the whole stretch of Pantai Cenang. It makes this beach a great spot to hang out in the evenings if you still have any energy to muster.

However, Tanjung Rhu or Tengkorak Beach (Skull Beach) with less night action is slightly secluded and calm.



I was really astonished when I arrive at the island. Somewhere between Langkawi and Penang, this uninhabited island can draw comparisons with islands in the east coast of Malaysia, and maybe even Maldives!

We took a package tour that included pick up from Hotel, boat transfer to the island (about 1 hour boat ride), gear rental and lunch with the whole sea and island to yourself!!

Note: This is a one day trip and it is highly recommended! So many fish and some hard corals around the marine park. This island is also assessable from Penang island, in case you are in Penang and want some snorkeling adventure!

pulau langkawi
Pulau Payar Marine Park

Island Hopping

You could easily hire a boat that would bring you island hopping around Langkawi! The shades of blue and green in the lush paradise is enchanting. offers and array of customize boat cruises for island hopping!

Dayang Bunting is one of the inhabited islands of Langkawi and is known for its pregnant maiden lake. According to the locals of Langkawi, the water of this lake has magical powers and is capable of making infertile women fertile, helping them produce off springs.


With so much to do with so little time, we forgot to eat! But thankfully we managed to enjoy some local delights by the paddy fields.

langkawi, langkawi in 48 hours
Local Platter

langkawi in 48 hours, langkawi
Old village houses shipped form Kedah


After such an incredible day at the sea, I think the best way to call it the day is to simply chill out and watch the fiery sunset from your room or hotel.

langkawi in 48 hours
Sunset from Bonton Hotel

Plan ahead to save time and travel cost! Langkawi is truly beautiful!

Date visited: 21st July 2020



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