Spring Rides in Tignes

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

When your life revolves around your children, so does your holidays.

And really, easter holidays is perhaps the only period you will not be wasted with drinks or food or commitments with family and friends.

However skiing at this time is normally a hit or a miss, dry or slushy, and if you are lucky......it can dump snow, but only just. #tignes

The amazing thing about Tignes is you are connected to Val d'Isera and there is just miles and miles of runs. There is a myriad of choices available for skiers, snowboarders will keep you occupied for a whole week! All you need to do is ski, eat and shit and do it all over again!

Favourite Runs

Depending if you are a snowboarder or skier I think the runs of choice highly differ.

But the feeling of riding from 2748m to 1800m which is from above tree line level to forest gives you such an amazing feeling of foreignness of a different kind, no one must skip this!

Anyway, here's my pick

  • Aiguille Percee the hole of the needle, iconic to TIGNES..... featured in James Bond movie where Roger Moore jumps through the hole. If it even matters to you.....who's Roger Moore, but more pressing is that the arc would not remain for long to due to constant beating from the wind and weather 2700m up! #aiguillepercee

  • La Grande Motte, this run kicks arse especially on a cold and windy day, a funicular ride up the rock, warm and toasty in the train and when you hit the peak, you are all charge up to conquer the run!

  • Pointe Du Montet, ride on the glacier. The the jaw dropping experience is just by reaching here from the Leissieres chair lift. The immensity of the mountains and glacier simply blow your mind away and the chair lift ride is daunting AF!! I loved it! There are quite a bit of off piste you could do here with natural ramps and gully in and between the slopes!

Depending where you stay but if it was Tignes it worth while to make an early journey to Val d'Isera, party there and take the bus back.

You will get far more variety and shops in Val d'isera then in Tignes.

How to get here

Depending if you are flying in from, Lyon or Geneva would be your best options.

The distance to reach the valley is rather far from any of these airports but it is worth every bit of it! About 2 half to 3 hours by private driver.

I went with ANEMONE TAXI, call Cedric Mont-Jovet, he speaks good English and will give you a guided explanatory tour along the way, he is rather chatty, but for a good reason!! Write to me if you need his details! www.taxitignes.com

Date of visit: Spring April 2019



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