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Trans Reverse Apek-Saga, Cheras

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

What would you do when someone informs you that you need to apply a permit to enter your neighbourhood hill! Surely the "finger"!

But why can't we react to an impulsive idea to hike #BukitApek which is right in the middle of Kuala Lumpur without the administrative hassle! Well, just do it and bear all consequences if you get caught later! LIVE AND LET LIVE I truly hope the forestry department can act fast to bring all permits approval on line!

There are a few entrances to Apek hill. We went in through Hijuanan Residence, park at your own risk at the shoulder of the road.

  • Distance : 10 km

  • Elevation Gain : 530m

  • Time : 4 hours

The loop might only be 10km in the middle of suburbia but there are parts of the trail with echoing gushing water against the swaying giant durian and teak trees in the wind, and cries of primates, gives the feeling of deep jungle vibes! But it quickly evaporates as you pass by Checkpoints where you can get your cold 100plus and pay with your phone, open gyms, and peculiar scent from the incenses from makeshift alters or from other unknown source!

**UPDATES: As of May 15 2022, the trail from station 5 to station 6 on Bukit Saga towards Bukit Apek was cordone off. It is said that a pylon will be constructed there. Certain routes that connects Bukit Apek to Bukit Saga will not be possible, and we do not know for how long for either. Hike with caution!

Carpark to mountain water shed

We parked at the road shoulder, walked towards the guard shed and made a right into the wooded area right before the septic tank. The trail meanders through the carpark, banana groves, some wood trees and joins an open area. The trail from the open area is muddy and over trodden with heavy machinery from the project further up the hill.

Hike towards the hill and follow the sign towards the water shed. This part of the hike is uphill and pleasant with the constant sound of gushing water from the stream.

Water shed to Saga Falls/Apek falls

From the water shed to Saga falls is about 2km up the hill and a sharp decent towards the falls. There are 2 falls here, the first fall that you'll approach is the Saga falls with a 80degree cliff face. Saga falls is a block waterfall with rectangular shape fall. About 200m downhill, it is the #Apekfalls, slight tiered with some soft cascades. It's a great idea to freshen up or even have a picnic here.

Saga waterfalls

Apek waterfalls


Backtrack up from where you came from is the quickest way out. But if you are looking for more adventure and challenges, at the far left (as you first enter) of Saga falls, there is a flimsy rope hanging from the fallen log over mossy boulders that will lead you to Saga summit 395m.

You will hike over the top of Saga fall, huge boulder, cross several streams and an 75 degree slope with exposed roots right to the top of Saga summit. It will take about 45-1 hour depending on your fitness level. It's an awesome trail! #transapek

Scramble up the gargantuan boulder to rejoin the trail

As you head towards the Saga summit, there is an option to take left, which is trail C back to Apek hill. This trail is more challenging.

We took the easier option straight up to Saga summit and hiked on the ridge which was flatter.

It was a direct trail from Saga summit to Camp 6 to Camp 5 and descent down back to water shed checkpoint and back out.

Flora and fauna

There were plenty of these silky lizards around the stream area

Lizards around the lower stream from water shed

Frog eggs


Hiking in Apek hill offers a fresh breath of air in Kuala Lumpur. It has a variety of trails from easy to decent without the dangers of bumping into mountain bikers and 2 pristine waterfalls just a stone throw away from the city. Besides, Cheras offers good eats! It is a great way to get your 10km workout with a great deal of sights, sound and smell to excite your journey!

Few gigantic trees stand tall here, but many have fallen and they continue to die as more and more developments encroaches the parameters of the 'forest reserve'!

Date Visited: 24th April 2022