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Trans Yam Tuan Antah trail, Gunung Datuk, Rembau, Gagak

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

If you have summited Gunung Datuk 855m more than twice, you would be eager to bag the nearby peaks of Gunung Rembau 884m and Gunung Gagak 807m! These 3 peaks make out the Yam Tuan Antah trail. The Yam Tuan Antah trail is named after the 6th ruler of the Negeri Sembilan, who fought a war in a famous battle at Bukit Putus against the colonial powers in 1875. It is easy to complete this 11 km trail, in 5 hours if you don't take an afternoon nap on the boulders of Gunung Datuk!

The dramatic flight of stairs to the cliff face of GUNUNG DATUK 855m

If you arrive before dawn from Kuala Lumpur to Gunung Datuk trailhead, you can load up a hearty breakfast along the 5km road in. On a weekend, the parking area is always fully occupied at the trailhead after 6am, so park at the open area instead, and walk in.

Starting point: Gunung Datuk trailhead (download map for Yam Tuan Antah trail)

Hike Duration: Allow around 6 hours

End Hike: Backtrack

Hike Difficulty: 3/5

Break it into 8 parts,

  • Checkpoint 1 to Gunung Datuk - 50 minutes

  • Checkpoint 2 to Gunung Datuk - 45 minutes

  • Checkpoint 3 Gunung Datuk summit

  • Checkpoint 4- Gunung Datuk to Simpang Y (40 minutes)

  • Checkpoint 5 - Simpang Y to Gunung Rembau (15 minutes)

  • Checkpoint 6- Simpang Y to Gunung Gagak (60 minutes)

  • Checkpoint 7- Simpang Y to Gunung Datuk (35 minutes)

  • Checkpoint 8 - Gunung Datuk to entrace ( 90 minutes)

Scenery Rewards: The views from Gunung Datuk is majestic from every angle, but don't expect any view on the peaks of Gunung Rembau and Gunung Gagak

What to bring

1. Basic first aid stuff such as disinfectant, ankle guard in case you sprain your ankle, band-aid.

2. Walking stick (the trail towards Gunung Rembau and Gagak is extremely muddy)

3. Raincoat and Poncho

4. Head-Torch, if you start before 7am

5. At least 3l of water, A celebratory ISOTONIC drink, or champagne!

6. Change of clothes

7. Snack and packed lunch

8. Good pair of hiking shoes is absolutely necessary

9. Gloves

10. Insect repellant LEECH ALERT

11. Check the weather forecast


Checkpoint 1

From the entrance, the trail to CP1 is rocky and steep. You will be scrambling on all 4s at this part. This part is exhausting and intimidating if you are newbie. I am not new to hiking but each time I do this, it is a torture!

  • cross the river

  • climb the steel flight of stairs

  • pay 5rm at the entrance booth

  • start hike up

Checkpoint 2 to Gunung Datuk Peak

The trail eases to a moderate ascend over rutted clay and roots. When you approach a section with tangle liana vines, you are about 30 minutes away from the peak. Along the final stretch up the slope, the trail is dotted with huge mystical boulders all stack up in weird shape and sizes. #gunungdatuk

Network of twisting Liana vines like tangled wires!

Gunung Datuk peak to Simpang Y

The celebratory mood will have to wait, because only after Gunung Gagak and Rembau then, is mission accomplished. We summited Gunung Datuk in thick mist. My 3 other friends were elated and rushed to the boulders only to come back disappointed with no content for their 'insta' post, just a sea of hikers!

On a weekend, if you are doing the Yam Tuan Antah trail, it is advisable to ascend the boulders only when you return, as the peak can get really crowded.

From the clearing of Gunung Datuk, on the right is the Yam Tuan Antah trail or if you go all the way, to Tampin, it is the notorious Trans Naning trail.

Reenter the tree zone, and you will approach another clearing, which is a campsite area.

The trail follows the contours of the mountain ridge with thick bushes and medium sized trees. The trail was rather teneous, until we hit something that looked like a concrete wall covered in soft moss. It was a submarine looking boulder, measuring more than 30m in length. Adds drama to wild beauty especially in the dreamy mist setting.

Submarine or giant snake?

More sci-fi looking boulders lined the trail ahead. It was a moderate ascend all the way to Simpang Y, and took about 40 minutes. The trail was significantly muddier and less trodden and filled with dancing leeches. Come equip with your leech arsenal and you will be fine.

Which peak to bag first? Gagak or Rembau

Skipping and sliding over the mire


Although we attempted the former first, but if I could do it again, I will summit Rembau first. The trail up to Rembau took only 15 minutes, (300m) . In a pumped up mood, the trail down to Gagak would feel much more optimistic!

The 1.5km descend to Gunung Gagak was slippery, muddy, littered with fallen logs and trees and infested with leeches. At this point, we were half-way to Gunung Gagak, the heavens start to open, and big drops of water came down. The feeling of trepidation of climbing back up to Simpang Y lead me to abort hike and turn back up. We were only 700m away! I felt like a loser later, that I lost my bet against the weather, just like all my stock investments, but, I learn that the mountain is always there and we could always attempt it another time! Besides, it was the first time up Gunung Datuk for my 3 buddies and I wanted to make it a memorable one! Better safe than sorry!

Gunung Rembau, Yam Tuan Antah 884m

We reached Simpang Y after the failed attempt to Gunung Gagak, the skies held and it did not pour. We made a quick decision to ascend Gunung Rembau. It took 20 minutes return from Simpang Y to Gunung Rembau and we jogged out to the Gunung Datuk clearing. It was swift! #gunungrembau

We had a quick lunch at the deserted boulders of Gunung Datuk, snapped some amazing shots and descended. It took about 1 half hour to reach the exit.

Flora and Fauna

The rich habitat of Gunung Datuk Reserve Forest.


This hike up to Gunung Datuk is always satisfying with that magnificent view to behold. Only 2km up to the peak, but with so much to view makes Datuk a favourite among hikers.

It is a different feeling to lead a hike as there is much to think about especially the safety of everyone in the group. Time keeping and weather reading is extremely important to ensure that everyone comes out unshaken!

We wrapped up our hike at the trailhead. Had a refreshing "ice kacang" dessert to cool down and clam me nerves from the leeches attack! Before we hit the highway back to KL, we headed to the famous Sin Hiap Chang for their petai pau. This time I called to reserve my orders so that I will not feel like a loser!

Gunung Datuk 855m for the foothills of Rembau

Date visited: 21st August 2022