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Bukit Batu Carpet 575m Gombak, will leave you in awe!

Bukit Batu Carpet, is not your typical chasing the sea of clouds hike, but it is a scene sets for a sensory experience especially when atop the ridge!

Driving there at the break of dawn on the Middle Ring Road passing through the majestic Batu Caves with Kuala Lumpur city, still fast asleep was a prelude to a short but rewarding hike right at the city's edge!

Park your car and head on the road towards the jungle

Starting point: Car Park, 5RM or park along the road.

Hike Duration: 12km (back and forth)

Stream Crossing: 2 small streams

End Hike: Backtrack

Track condition: first 4km was rather flat, 1km of steep incline, 1km on ridge to viewing point

Hike Difficulty: of the 6km one way, 2km is steep inclination! Good workout!

NO Toilet facilities

Scenery Rewards: KL view, Genting Highlands, sweeping lush views of the jungle, Quatz ridge, Klang Gates

Break it into 4 parts,

  • Part 1- 4km of rather flat trail passing a buffalo farm, lake, (uncovered area)

  • Part 2- 2nd stream to boulder (steep inclination)

  • Part 3- Boulders to peak ( moderately steep inclination)

Note: As I was heading out the trail, I realised a bright yellow tape by the Selangor Forestry that was rather new that was meant to cordone off the area hanging loosely from a broken bush. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK!

What to bring

1. Basic first aid stuff such as disinfectant, ankle guard in case you sprain your ankle, band-aid.

2. Walking stick

3. Raincoat and Poncho,

4. Head-Torch, if you start before 7am

5. At least 2l of water, pack lunch, snack!

6. Change of clothes

7. Good pair of hiking shoes

8. Gloves (top ridge requires some climbing on rocks)

9. Cap or even umbrealla, 500m of uncovered trail can be extremely hot!

PART 1 - Carpark, buffalo barn, lake

We arrived slightly before 7.45am, only to find the carpark full. Three groups were ahead of us to the climb. Thanks to a recent surge in social media posts, Bukit Batu Carpet has been a popular weekend destination for hikers, who are eager to explore new spots that do not require permit or guides!
Did we beat the forestry department or have they declared the hill as NO ENTRY ZONE?

Dead tree lake, striking resemblance to Setia Alam Community Forest

As we started the hike, the weather was pleasantly cool with pockets of mist lingering, untouched by the warm rays of the sun. We followed the uncovered red earth trail towards the entrance of the jungle. We passed the buffalo farm unaware as the huge beasts were still fast asleep in the barn. The area was designated for future housing projects and there were signs indicating that development was underway.

We arrived at a lake with dead trees, took some shots and rejoined the trail, to the right!

On the way out we meet the buffalos bathing in the mud trying their best to stay cool in the heatwave!

The terrain for the first 4km was mostly level and gentle sloping. The trail meets a first crossroad, which is an alternate trail merging from Kemensah. We continued straight left, and reached second crossroad ( tape off-limits, another trail that leads from the quarry, private land) Follow the trail heading to right.

PART 2: Moderate and steep ascend to the craggy ridge

The hike kicks off after the right turn, marking the start of a challenging ascent of approximately 2km! Along the way we made 2 small stream crossing before the steep ascend to the craggy ridge. There are 2 cliffs that require some strength to hoist ourselves, thankfully with the aid of thin ropes or roots.

The terrain to the ridge was steep and dangerously slippery with fine dust sand with no footing!

PART 3: Floating carpet to view point

As we ascended over the craggy granite rocks, it felt like stepping into an enchanted forest. The trees were slightly dwarf , twisted branches, gnarled trunks, dried up moss and lichens adorned the rugged rocks. Glittering crystals like gems scattered on every boulder while a lush sea of green that resembles broccoli beneath us. On the right, Genting Highlands came into view and to the left, sweeping views of the Klang gates and Kuala Lumpur, it was all too surreal! The ridge seems to be an extension of the Klang Gates Quartz Ridge, which is the longest quartz formation in the world spanning 14km long, judging from the rocks and proximity to the main ridge!

Exposed roots on cliff with no leverage to hold on to but a thin rope for dear life!

At this point, we haven't quite reach the viewing point yet. We still needed to navigate around 300m on the narrow ridge. It was clear that we had entered a different forest zone, perhaps a transition to montane forest! #cloudforest #lowermontaneforest #tropicalmontanecloudforest

In the dry weather, the moss on the cloud forest appears to be drying

I realised with each step we took through the craggy rock forest, the forest floor seemed to bounce more than my pair of Nike Air. This unique sensation is a result of the thick foliage litter that had accumulated over decades (peat).

As we walked, the layers of fallen leaves, branches, and other organic matter beneath our feet created a springy and cushioned effect, just like walking on a carpeted rock, as the name of this peak suggests! BUKIT BATU CARPET

Bukit Batu Carpet is surrounded by many peaks to the east and west

This peak was discovered on 10/2019, and may have been forgotten during the Covid lockdown. However, thanks to viral postings once again, the hiker community is now raving about it and rediscovering its beauty.

Bukit Batu Carpet 575m will take your breath away!


It is always interesting to hike into different tree zones. Bukit Batu Carpet is one of those hikes that is so full in biodiversity, you could hear the animals unfold around us like nature's own symphony.

The carpet characteristic of the ground on the ridge is due to decades of dried foliage that turned into layers of peat creating the bouncy effect that you will find in most mossy forest throughout Malaysia. #mossyforest

Before setting out on this hike, we were unaware that the Selangor Forestry Department might have designated this area as off-limits. It wasn't until we noticed a broken tape hanging from a branch on our way out that we realised the potential restriction. Therefore it is always advisable to call up the forestry department if in doubt, which in most of the time, we are!

It would be incredibly helpful if sites that are off-limits or require permits could be easily managed and accessed through an app. This would not only streamline the process for hikers but also ensure better conservation and management of these natural areas.

Gnarled trunks, stunted trees, orchids, moss, lichen, ferns of the cloud forest

Time reference Checkpoints

0800 - Start Hike

0920- Right turn and ascend

1015- Craggy rock garden

1040- Bukit Batu Carpet

1120- Descend

1200- Reach the right turn crossroad

1240- Carpark

This spray here works wonders! Don't forget to bring it along the next time! (click here to get)

Date visited: 31 March



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