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Bukit Dinding, obstacle climb around KL

Bukit Dinding 291m, is a forested hill that serves as a nutural barrier between the Wangsa Maju and Setiawangsa suburbs. Characterised by it's high hills and steep slopes earning it the moniker of "Wall Hill" at the north east of Kuala Lumpur. #bukitdinding

Once a part of the Hawthornden Rubber Estate, owned by the renowned merchant Loke Yew, Bukit Dinding now bears the enduring legacy of its past. The remains of gnarled rubber trees and their saplings persist along the hill's slopes, a living testament to its historical connection with the rubber industry. Remarkably, these trees are still tapped for their sap today!

These days, there are other reasons to visit Bukit Dinding. There is a hiking path on tarmac, 2.5km, one way. A downhill bicycle track that is off limits to hikers, and Kazumi's very own curated obstacle track! You can track the timeline of the trail building journey on social media. The locals have affectionately named it after her! #kazumitrail

We gathered at the parking bay by the shops and walked towards the trailhead. It is worth noting that parking is availble by the road shoulder, but care need to be taken not to obstruct residents' home entrances.

bukit dinding hiking, kazumi trail, mini tahan trail
Reverse loop, proceed on the straight path and not climb the cliff rock if there is long queue!!

Starting point: Park at parking bay or road shoulder

Hike Duration: 5 km

End Hike: Loop

Hike Difficulty: 3/5, the Kazumi trail is clear and well-marked

Toilet facilities: none

Break it into 4 parts,

  • Part 1- The Cliff

  • Part 2- Lookout point

  • Part 3- Peak

Note: Recently Kazumi and friends have carved another challenging #minitahantrail. Hot from the oven, opened on 18/5, this trail is not for the faint hearted. You can achieve around 500 elevation gain up the mini tahan trail and back via the red Kazumi trail on the return. The trail is challenging with steep ascents and sharp descents! Without views, but a good challenging workout! You'll come out of this one energised!

bukit dinding hike, kazumi trail, mini tahan trail
The trail is on the left as soon as you enter the wooded area. Yellow trail clearly marked

What to bring

1. Basic first aid stuff such as disinfectant, ankle guard in case you sprain your ankle, band-aid.

2. Gloves, there are many ropes, in case of robe burn!

3. Raincoat and Poncho,

4. At least 1l of water

5. Change of clothes

7. Good pair of hiking shoes

8. Cap

9. Check the weather forecast

10. Mosquito repellent

Note: There are many rubber trees with cups still attached, perfect for mosquito breeding ground. Wear longs!


As we entered the wooded area, soon, the first slopes greeted us. It was an ascending slope with robes to aid the climb.

bukit dinding, kazumi trail, mini tahan trail
The start of the trail begins with steep ascend, thus the name Bukit Dinding!

The trail unfolds along a successions of picturesque casades of a narrow stream. The trail bends to the left, unveiling the infamous 'cliff' climb!

bukit dinding hike, mini tahan trail, kazumi trail
The calming sound from the cascades echos along the first part of the trail before arriving at the cliff

bukit dinding hike, kazumi trail, mini tahan trail
A bouldering feel as you climb this mini cliff! Well aided with robes!

Beyond the sheer rock, there were few more ascending slopes that lead us to the top of the waterfall. And soon, the trail dips into a rugged gully. This steep incline demands careful footing. Few among us slided on the slippery, muddy earth while decending. My friend Jerry, with acrophobia tendencies was clearly shaking as she braved every step downhill!

We crossed the mini stream and scramble a steep section to arrive at a clearing adorned with a pool and a truly other-worldly tree!

We regrouped and took some shots of the amazing tree before heading towards the lookout point.

PART 2: Lookout point

Moving on from the enchanting tree, our hike continued with intermittent ascents through relatively steep sections, each requiring a burst of effort for short durations. The trail, following the natural contours of the hillside, led us through a diverse landscape, with lush vegetation and occasional glimpses of the surrounding wilderness.

Our efforts were rewarded as we eventually arrived at the eagerly anticipated lookout point. Suddenly, the cityscape came into full view, stretching before us in a breathtaking panorama.

We regrouped for waterbreak and breathe in the sights of the city, with the majestic #Quartzridge and spiritual #Batucaves into the yonder!

The Quatz Ridge and magnificent Titiwangsa range

Part 3: PEAK

From the lookout point, if you take a right, you will join the tarmac road up the peak, while the leftward trail, continued on a wooded path. We took the latter, up the sliperry trail to the peak.

Again, there was few series of slopes, some aided with robes, but generally it was a moderate climb all the way up to 291m elevation!

The Kazumi trail is riddled with a series of challenging obstacles before summiting!


We descended on the tarmac road, and re-entered the woods, back on Kazumi-trail again, and headed downhill. The trail cleverly planned deftly navigating around some steep descents. This proved to be a welcome relief, especially considering the fatigue that had settled into our legs after the short yet strenuous climb to the peak.

On a recent visit to Bukit Dinding, the hikers had increase considerably creating bottle necks especially at the climbing areas! Alternatively, it is possible to do a reverse loop. That would make the descended from the steep cliff rock more daunting but fun and minus the wait!

Kazumi trail cleverly escapes the biking trail while giving you a good, challenging hike!
It's disheartening to learn that Bukit Dinding, this precious green lung with its rich natural beauty, is under the threat of being bulldozed for housing projects.

This hill, has close proximity to the notorious Highland Tower (tragedy) is exteremly susceptible to erosion and landslides! (if you think so, sign the petition) #savebukitdinding

After the hike we headed to New Heong Kee Restaurant for their famous beggers chicken cooked in clay in charcoal! It was scrumptious and well worth it!

primitive cook on charcoal
Their winter melon soup is equally as good!

Date visited: 16th December 2023


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