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BUKIT CHOROCO 1106m, the lesser known peak at KKB

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Bukit Choroco, a hidden peak on the way up to Fraser's hill is a short and sharp challenging hill if you are looking for a good quad workout while in the vicinity.

Although most hikers would give this a miss for Bukit Kutu, this is a good alternative if you are looking to avoid crowds.

Bukit Choroco is the gateway that links to some other more popular & adventurous trails in Bukit Fraser! If done alone, it is a short and sweet hike with a river crossing.

Starting point: Trailhead from roadside

Hike Duration: 3-4 hours depending on fitness

Total Distance: 6km

End Hike: Backtrack

Hike Difficulty: Easy, Suitable for Newbies and children!

Scenery Rewards: The Titiwangsa range

Leech: A large population of fat leeches

Parking: By the road towards Fraser's hill

Permit: NEEDED, apply through the Selangor Forestry

Note: This hike is rather unpopular and unknown, trail is raw and filled with leeches. We were the only group on a Saturday. If you come alone, please make sure you stay on the trail. The trailhead is about 30 minutes further from Bukit Kutu so please allocate enough time.

What to bring

  1. headlamps if start early

  2. change of clothes, towel, jacket in the car

  3. raincoat

  4. hiking stick optional

  5. whistle

  6. 2.0 litres of water (it can get very hot in the unshaded areas)

  7. good pair of hiking shoes

  8. snack


Part 1, carpark descent to river (600m)

The trailhead to #BukitChoroco is as obscure as the peak. Just a faint ribbon tied onto a young tree, you could easily miss.

The hike starts with an easygoing downhill from 640m elevation to about 500m. It is a short 300m trail and soon turns into a flat trail. Hike along the river (Sungai Sangloi) until you reach a clearing with the river on your right. This will take around 20 minutes including time to cross river.

Notes: Sungai Sangloi is one of the tributaries that flows into the Selangor dam and Sungai Selangor. It is the heart of our water source to millions living in the Klang Valley.

Park along the Bukit Fraser trunk road

Downhill till you reach the river

Remember that the river can swell if it rains uphill!

Should I wear my shoes when I cross the river?

My best advise would be, since there is only one river crossing, either remove your shoes or wear your tracking sandals till you cross the river and change into your shoes.

Note that some rocks are sharp and we can't estimate the depth of the river at some parts. So it is best to hold on to the rope.

Part 2 uphill ascent 700m

The uphill hike starts after the river crossing. It starts off with a gradual ascent and gets steeper as you head higher.

It is approximately a 2.7km hike uphill all the way to the Bukit Choroco summit through secondary verdant forest.

Gradual uphill hike

The trail is self explanatory with no junctions or forks but just one way up. It takes around 1-1 half hour from the river to the summit. You will reach a small clearing with an abandon trig-station at 1106m Bukit Choroco peak. The is no vantage view point at the summit but you could peek through the canopy of trees and steal glimpses of the stunning panorama mountain view!

Beyond the trig-station, the is a trail that may lead to more adventurous peaks in the Titiwangsa range. Tempted to explore what lies ahead but we did not dare venture into the unknown.

Hiking over and under some fallen trees

It took about one hour to hike up to 1106m Bukit Choroco peak from the river

Part 3, descent and freshen up at the river

The descent back to the river was an easy stroll in the park. Some ran, some took it slow. Generally, in 45minutes, you will be cooling down by the river.

Sungai Sangloi

Flora and Fauna

The were many wild orchids and epiphytic plants in the forest, as well as wild ginger.


The maximum elevation for this climb to Bukit Choroco was 1106m, it was a rather chillax and fun hike organized by the Trailblazer Hiking Club. Big shout out to Kabir and Jason for leading and sweeping the group on this picturesque hike.

Once about 800m elevation, you could notice a drop in temperature. For those who get the chills easily, is best to bring a windbreaker. This trail is rather short, and if you are fit, it can be easily done in 3 hours or less. I would recommend pairing this trip with a stop at Chilling falls or on-route up to Bukit Fraser's.

This trail is immaculate and it was a great joy to see it free of litter. We should conserve and keep clean our forest while fostering awareness about our biodiversity and environment free from pollution and poachers. Leave only footprints and take only memories and your trash away with you!

Bukit Choroco

Date visited: 19th March 2022

Photo credits: Contributions from all the brilliant photographers of the hiking group!



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