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Gunung Nuang, via Pangsun or Janda Baik

Updated: Apr 22

Gunung Nuang, straddled on the Selangor/Pahang boarder is the second highest peak in Selangor at 1493m, after Gunung Semangkuk 1825m, which incidentally boarders Pahang as well!

You can summit Gunung Nuang from Selangor in Pangsun or Janda Baik, Pahang. It is best to do both and decide which trail offers satisfaction, pain, challenge or whatever you are in search for! #gunungnuangjandabaik

gunung nuang via pangsun or janda baik
The trail from the bridge is around 1km longer than the direct ATV river trail crossing!

Starting point: Gunung Nuang Recreational Forest

Hike Duration: 15km

Stream Crossing: One

End Hike: Backtrack

Hike Difficulty: 3.5/5

Toilet facilities: Available at car park (10rm)

Break it into 4 parts,

  • Part 1- orchard (easy)

  • Part 2- jungle to Chemperoh falls (slight elevation)

  • Part 3- Falls to Pematang ( more pronounce elevation)

  • Part 4- Pematang to Gunung Nuang ( up up & away)

Scenery Rewards: Janda Baik is more scenic than Pangsun!

Note: A permit and a guide is needed to hike Gunung Nuang if you are entering from Janda Baik. (DM me for guide info)

What to bring

1. Basic first aid stuff such as disinfectant, ankle guard in case you sprain your ankle, band-aid.

2. Walking stick

3. Raincoat and Poncho,

4. Head-Torch, if you start before 7am

5. At least 2l of water, pack lunch, snack!

6. Change of clothes

7. Good pair of hiking shoes is absolutely necessary

8. Gloves optional, no many rope climb

9. Leech Alert! So do bring a Dettol or Listerine spray

10. Check the weather forecast

PART 1 & 2- Ochard to the Chemperoh falls

We had to trek to the trailhead from the carpark. We crossed the bridge, passed fruit orchards, durian plantations, on a 4x4 dirt road that was ascending steadily uphill. The trail was clear, with no tree cover except some towering durian trees on both sides of the orchards that wereladen with fruits. We reached a fork, towards the left, the terrain slopes gently to the orang asli settlement while the one on the right heads steeply uphill to newly cleared land for more lucrative durian tree plantation!

gunung nuang, via janda baik or pangsun
Don't forget to look downhill at expansive mountain range behind!

At the fork, straight ahead, a narrow jungle opening is the trailhead of Gunung Nuang. The trail in the beginning is adorned with thickets of ferns, wild berry bushes, ginger, abandon banana trees, and progresses into thick bamboo groves. The terrain is undulating as it weaves its way to the Chemperoh falls. At this point there were no blood suckers in sight! That all changed as we crossed the river. #gunungnuang

Gunung nuang, via pangsun or janda baik
Try to keep feet dry, otherwise it will be very uncomfortable to hike in sloshy shoes for 6 hours!

gunung nuang, via janda baik or pangsun
Chemperoh waterfalls was pristine but teeming with leeches even in the water! YIKES

Like the the gates of pregourtury, the river spilts the jungle into 2 contrasting worlds! One with blood suckers and one without! As November is the start of the rainy season, few hikers chose to hike at this time leaving the leeches ever more hungry and desperate for blood!

Note: The rivers can swell into roaring monsters when it rains upstream. Don't spend too much time on the peak as the torrential downpour always starts in the afternoon.

PART 3: Pematang

We left the cascades quickly hoping to leave the hungry leeches but there were more ahead as our footsteps trigger their appetite! We were supposed to regroup at Pematang, a flat clearing before the trail got steeper, but due to armies of leeches heading our way we decided to continue straight up to the peak! From the waterfall to Pematang was a good 2km workout!

gunung nuang via janda baik or pangsun
The terrain after Chemperoh falls was a steady ascent

The terrain after Pematang is steep and the gradient is bigger. I believe we all regretted not resting enough at Pematang before we embarked on this ascend!

gunung nuang via janda baik or pangsun
Pematang checkpoint is a flat clearance before the relentless hike to peak

Part 4: Pematang to Big Boulder, Nuang Peak

After around an hours' climb, we reached the big boulder. The trail narrows as we approach the ridge. There were many fresh white orchids on the ground, trees, were more dwarf and boulders in thick layers of moss and lichens. Ferns and nepenthes hangs loosely from rocks and tree branches.

We entered the mossy forest, the temperature was significantly cooler, the ground soft with layers of moss and dried leaves.

We scrambled on the boulders, and thankfully there were ropes to aid our climb as the surfaces were slippery from the mist!

gunung nuang via pangsun or janda baik
From Pematang to Big boulder took appx 45 min, scenic trail with few rope climbs

One final ascent on the ladder and a bend to right through a mini labyrinth of moss covered boulders and monkey pitcher overhangs, and the trail opens up to reveal the trig-station of Gunung Nuang peak!

gunung nuang via janda baik or pangsun
Sole ladder to the peak from JB unlike around 5 ladder from Pangsung

gunung nuang via janda baik or pangsun
Gunung Nuang 1493m boardering Selangor and Pahang

At 11.40am, I was the first to summit the peak while the others were distracted with the obese squirrels scurrying towards us for food! It was a rare moment to be alone on the the peak of Gunung Nuang, it almost felt eerie when the cool breeze billowed bringing in the clouds and mist and ....... few drops of rain!

We quickly took shelter under the decaying roof of the trig-station, and hoped that it is a passing cloud. Along with us, leeches were racing towards the the trig station! It is rare to find leeches at 1493m, but in this case, there were many, big and small and hungry leeches! We all had a good time torturing them with whatever poison we lugged along while waiting for the cloud to clear in the confined area! And thankfully it did, and the sun came out!

gunung nuang via pangsun or janda baik
Pahang side of the share of Gunung Nuang!

gunung nuang via janda baik or pangsun
The wind blew the rain clouds away to reveal the blue skies!

After some fun torturing leeches and feeding resident squirrels we made our downhill journey.

gunung nuang via pangsun or janda baik
One of the 3 resident squirrels of Gunung Nuang! Nuang mascots!


As we left the peak, thunder in a distance started to rumble. It was around 1245, we hurried down as fast as we could but the heavens opened as we arrive at Pematang.

The rain started to fall in small drops, but this time, it was not a passing cloud. The rain drops got bigger and our trail became puddles and some parts, little streams.

It took a lot of energy and caution to navigate down the slippery and wet slopes. I believe all 6 of us slipped on our butts as we manoeuvred our way down! One of us even lost his phones in the process! (but thankfully it was recovered by our sweet guide Ghanyi)

The rain lasted for around an hour. By the time we reached Chemperoh falls, it stopped, the water level was not quite wild, we quickly crossed it and headed out of the jungle.

NOTE: Recently in April, a lady fell off the cliff from the Janda Baik route (click for footage). After the ladders, there is a narrow part of loose gravel soil. Please practise caution when hiking this area.

The iconic durian tree towards the Janda Baik/ Nuang trailhead was laden with fruits!

Time reference Checkpoints for Nuang Hike


0630 - Start Hike Endless Road, 4.8km 0740 Start hike, orchard area, 2km

0730- Camp Lolo, 0.3km 0800 Enter jungle, 1.5km

0930- Camp Pacat, 4km 0855 Chemperoh fall, 2km

1145- Puncak Pengasih, 1.3km 1030 Pematang, 2km

1200- Nuang, 0.8km 1130 Nuang Peak

1245- Puncak Pengasih, 1.3km 1300 Pematang 1.5km

1400- Camp Pacat, 4km 1430 Chemperoh fall, 2.5km

1530- Camp Lolo (Freshen up) 300m 1545 Exit 1km (short cut)

1715- Car Park, 4.8km


A section along the ridge, both sides were flanked with this wild orchid!

There were many wild ginger along the trail!

Edible wild berries


It is always special to summit Gunung Nuang due to it's superlative status as the highest if not second highest in Selangor state! But never underestimate this mountain even when many hikers rate the route from Janda Baik as EASY! It is not and you need to train for it!

We were very lucky to hike Gunung Nuang from Janda Baik at this time of the year, cause it is normally closed in November! Always check the weather and try to make it out of the jungle as early as you can! There have been many tragedies that have occurred in the vicinity and we must all practise caution and care when pursing our activities!

Thank you to all the beautiful and handsome hikers that shared this brilliant hike together!

Is Gunung Nuang from Pangsun or Janda Baik easier?

Janda Baik! But it is not easy!

Were there many leeches?

Yes, especially during the rainy season!

If it is my first time hiking Gunung Nuang, should I start from Pangsun or Janda Baik?

If you want to start from Pangsun, I would advise to train for more than 15km hikes however, if from Janda Baik you must be comfortable doing 10km hikes.

Which side is more scenic?

The Janda Baik is is surely more rewarding with sweeping views and vantage points at the peak!

We had a fine time torturing the leeches and found that this spray here works wonders! Don't forget to bring it along the next time! (click here to get)

Date visited: 12th March 2022 & 4th November 2023


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