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Junk Boat Party Cruise, Hong Kong

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

In the hike of the protest to call for the meeting of 5 demands by the Government of Hong Kong, the city has plunged into a huge chaos and anarchy during the weekends.

After 5 long months of protest, such a lot of negativity starts to cloud the residence! Best way to escape from all of these weekend protest is to head out to sea!

hong-kong-junk-cruise, hong-kong-cruise
Hong Kong Weekend Junk Boat Cruise

Thankfully you don't need to be uber-rich to own a luxurious yacht! There are a variety of yacht or boats you can rent, party and also view Hong Kong from the boat! Being a mega capitalist state, you are spoilt for the myriad of choice from traditional style Chinese junk boat, super sleek cruiser, catamaran on whatever dates, length of time you want! All it needs is some information and a little organizing.

There are few companies that offers one of those sunset cruise on the Victoria Harbor as you view the Symphony of Lights over a glass of Moet Chandon or a longer evening cruise with dinner and drinks during the New Year, Chinese New Year or Hong Kong Day fireworks celebration! It is worth checking on the dates to before making any plans to go anywhere!

Night Cruise

There are 2 companies that provide the Evening/night cruise option, AquaLuna or DukLing. You board the boat from Tim Sha Tsui Pier 2 (AquaLuna) Pier 3 (DukLing)

and or Central Pier 9 respectively. The will drop you off from where you were picked up!

Cost for adults is 230hkd and children 150hkd, children below 4 sail for FREE! The prices may be different if you chose the Symphony of Lights slot.

AquaLuna on Victoria Harbour

Tsim Sha Tsui Pier 2 Central Pier 9

17:30 17:45

18:30# 18:45#

19:30* 19:45*

17:30 17:45

21:30 21:45

22:30^ 22:45^

*Symphony of Lights Cruise

#Sailing finishes at Tsim Sha Tsui at 19:30

^Friday, Saturday and Sunday only

Tsim Sha Tsui Pier 3 Central Pier 9

16:30 16:45

17:30 17:45

18:30 18:45

19:30* 19:45*

20:30 20:45

*Symphony of Lights Cruise


markets herself as “one of the last-remaining red sail Chinese junk boats” and she certainly is a special sight in Victoria Harbour.

Cost for adults is 230hkd and children 150hkd, children below 4 sail for FREE! The prices during the Symphony of Light is different, so please reconfirm at the link above.


Dukling describes herself as “the only inheritant sailing junk in Hong Kong” and she’s certainly a beautiful example of a traditional fishing vessel. The cost changes according to the time of the cruise......and during the Symphony of Lights. Best to double check or buy tickets on line at the link above!


Weekend Junkboat Cruise

The weekend junk boat cruises are slightly longer 5 - 7 hours and allows you to jump from the roof of the boat when they dock at some secluded bay. Few tips that might help you organize a better Junkboat cruise party .......

1. When to go

2. Where to go

3. Which Junkboat company

4. Food or without food or should I rephrase, BOOZE or without BOOZE!

hong-kong-junk-cruise, hong-kong-cruise
Deep Water Beach, Repulse Bay

1. When to go

Typically, September and early November months is a good time when the weather is slightly drier, cooler with off shore breeze. The sun is nicely strong but not strong enough to roast you! June- August are hot period as many people chose to cool off at the sea during this hot season, boats are normally snapped off fast, so best to make your bookings early! March-May, the water may seem slightly cooler, but you can opt not to jump into the sea if you wish! Take note that typhoon season in Hong Kong starts from July to October and if you are on a short holiday it can be a hit or a miss!

2. Where to go

There are few popular options that you can chose from or tell the company before hand where you want to sail to and if the weather permits you might just get what you wish for!

Clearwaterbay beach

Stanley Beach

Repulse Bay

Cheung Chau

Deep Water Bay are the more popular ones.

on request or maybe with some extra charges

Big Wave Beach, Sai Kung

Nine Pins Island could be arranged, they are further away, crystal waters, white beaches, you would think you have sailed to Palawan in Philippines if you didn't know!

3. Which Junk Boat Company to choose

All junkboat companies provide different packages and the pick up from different piers.

Popular pick up piers would be from Central, Sai Kung, Aberdeen, Marina Bay Cove, it is highly depended on which Boat Company you choose from.

Depending on how many friends or traveling buddies you have with you, most boat companies will require a minimum pax to make it worthwhile in dollars and cents.

After much experience I realize you need a minimum of about 13 pax to be able to rent the whole boat and be your own CAPTAIN while not paying with an arm or leg!! We are looking between 8000hkd-15000hkd depending on weekdays or weekends.

And there will be add-ons should you require inflatable floating toys, wake-board, surf, booze, food, massage!

hong-kong-junk-cruise, hong-kong-cruise
Clearwater bay beach

I always find it a challenge to gather a party of 15. After many attempts I found a boat company that offers weekend day ticket passes which you can purchase on-line! No bookings needed, no need to hassle or bother with food or no food, booze no booze because they provide the breakfast with champagne, lunch with champagne and cheese with your wine and unlimited booze!! My favorite junkboat company.

Lazydays, 3488 1534,,

Cheese Platter

Here are some other Junkboat companies you could chose from if you hit the numbers

Yacht Holimood, for bookings call 5406 3347 or 9858 8494, or click here,

長洲遊艇 The Floatudio Cheung Chau, they are based in Cheung Chau so cruises will typically be based there as well as docking. You can find them on Facebook.

Breakaway, see all catering and outing options here. Call 6180 5059 or email for more info and bookings,

hong-kong-junk-cruise, hong-kong-cruise
Victoria Harbour, North Point

What to bring

Swimming suit, sunscreen, sunglasses, change of clothes and the happy vibe!

A visit to Hong Kong is never complete without a boat cruise!! Is doesn't matter if it is charter yacht, traditional Chinese Junk Boat, or even Star Ferry that sails every 10 minutes between Central and Tsim Sha Tsui. Your stay without that quintessential Victoria Harbour view post on Instagram will always be a void in your Homepage!

Date of Visit : July, August, October



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