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Ski Gudauri, გუდაური Georgia

Georgia is not the first place in mind when you think of a ski vacation.

Gudauri ski resort, between 1993m-3276m is on the Great Caucasus Mountain where the highest peak in Europe Mt Elbrus 5642m sits and only about 120 km from the Tbilisi. Gudauri is considered a developing ski resort and doesn't boast the vast connectivity of ski lifts links or state of the art gondolas that the western resorts are famous for but Gudauri has some amazing views, mouth water gastronomic experience russian style banya/sauna, Heli-ski (i did not do it), all at relatively low cost! !

The day ski lift pass at at Gudauri cost appx 15euro for adults, this is less than half of the price you pay in France at 55euro! Riding for me is like traveling, while you can, experience the different mountains, slope, scenery and vibes! Although familiar slopes breeds confidence but then what's the point of returning to the same person everyday when you can cheat and not hurt anyone but experiencing a new surface every time!


From 3200m there is quite a bit of free ride you can do since the ski area is above tree-zone. I was there around mid March and there was a snow storm for the first 2 days, and only on the 3 and 4 day the ski lift on the upper heights was opened.

The condition of the snow towards the lower part by end week started to thaw a little however the upper heights was still packed powder and you could basically ride any where you wanted! There was also so few skiers up there, it is basically the whole mountain and all of nature to yourself!

Favourite slopes

Depending on the weather, the choice of ski slopes is subjective. However getting on the upper slopes Kobi-Gudauri ski lift, and riding at the Sadzele area is totally awesome! The ski-ride up here is daunting and scary, totally jaw dropping, all I can say is hold on tight and don't drop your phone or ski sticks, you will be going up a sharp cliff that will lift you from 2700m to 3200m!!

Where to stay in Gudauri

There is a wide variety of accommodations you can choose from, half board, full board, holiday apartment or luxury hotel. We choose to stay in once of those half board hotels where you could experience their home-cooked Georgian cuisine!

There are a variety of places to have lunch at the lower slopes, the food is so good as they are cheap!

Georgian food is so complete, it feels like a mix of Asian, Persian, middle eastern, Western all infused into this melting pot! I couldn't decide if this was a ski trip or a gastronomic trip at the end of it all!

Drive down to Tbilisi

The journey to the capital city is so full of amazing spots! In April spring is upon us, you see spring flowers starting to bloom everywhere, sheep and goat herds making their way to the pastures, the villages along the way so unique and pretty and there are so many natural mineral springs all around the area! Simply amazing to see nature awakens against the backdrop of the Caucuses Range!

georgia sparkling water
Natural Sparkling Water

Not enough is written, said, told about magnificent Georgia, the birthplace of the evil, notorious Joseph-Stalin! 10 days in Georgia was definitely not enough for me and I would surely return soon, if not for the snow, for the food!!

Date Visited : Mid March to early April



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