Sri Bintang hill, best lockdown workout

Folded between Desa Parkcity and Kepong this twin peak is easily accessible for urban hikers, not needing to venture across borders for a good quad workout. It is actually part of a more extensive forested area which extends south as far as Bukit Kiara and is separated from this area by the North-South Expressway.

Sweeping views of Kuala Lumpur and Kepong, Batu Caves rewards you at the top of this short and sweet hike during trying times!

Do not let the rules dampen your desire and make sure you are exercising for your mental and physical health, you can hike in Kuala Lumpur, as long as you keep it to 5 people in a group!

Left path leads to an interesting clearance with exhilarating climb, Right is straight forward

Starting point: Google Sri Bintang trailhead, it starts at Jalan Sri Bintang 8

Hike Duration: 1.5 hours

End Hike: Backtrack about 3.5km, you could repeat the loop.

Hike Difficulty: 2/5 although some part is rather steep!

Scenery Rewards: 4/5

Tips: Come early as the parking gets quite full due to the popularity of the location.

What to bring

1. Good pair of hiking shoes

2. Cap is necessary as there is a part without canopy and can get really hot

3. Check the weather forecast

4. 1 litre of water


Start hike

We took the left canopy path, stopped at a lookout point towards Kepong town, and proceeded up till we reach a flat barren dirt land. ( badly eroded and by the look of it, earmark for future housing development)

Well maintained steps

We reached this flatten area full of stone cairns left behind by hikers, each more remarkably balanced than the other. Interestingly you can find many strange land formation here and crystalised quarts amongst the soil.

This trail has few rope challenges where you need to ascend at 70-85 degree angles. Although the slopes are not formidable enough to scare you off but it promises an exhilarating rush! The first slope is an easy one, about 65 degree angle. From here 2 paths, the right leads to the exhilarating slope.

Even a kid can do it! Use the ropes and take it one step at the time!

The first part of the slope is a little scramble but the second part requires some guts and a wide stretch in your thighs. If all fails, you can still enjoy the view by taking the left path up. Which is a gentle trail to Peak 1.

Peak 1

The top of this peak is towered by a huge pylon and power lines that run across Kepong to Segambut. I have to say the power lines are a real spoiler to an otherwise perfect city view of Kuala Lumpur!

Sri Bintang Peak 1 with KL view

There are not many trees at the peak, so it is important to bring a cap or better still, a parasol. Further on towards the wooded area, there is an outdoor gym with concrete weights for those who can muster more energy!

From the peak 1, we re-entered the wooded area and headed all the way down almost to the point where we entered. But this time we took a different path and head up to the next hill.

Work your quads and get your heart pumping

Peak 2

It is always a challenge to gain back the elevation after descending too quick too soon. The initial ascend is in wooded area and therefore shaded. But it clears up at some point and you will be completely exposed to the elements. During this ardous and hot upward trail, don't miss the views on the right. You will see Batu Caves and yonder more mountain range, and below the city. Simply breathtaking and short of breath all at once!

View of the mountain range and Batu Caves, Gombak

At the second hill there is more shade for rest and relax. The community of Sri Bintang has utilized this area well by planting a wide variety of plants and herbs on Peak 2.

From here, the trail is pretty self explanatory. Some descends and ascend and you will find yourself back at the point where you started.


You are never far from civilization when you are hiking here. If you are looking for that cry of nature you might not find it here. Instead, you can get a good workout and then headback down for your on-line meeting at noon!

It was such a pleasurable hike with Alex and the Sunday lady hikers who always takes more photos than clocking heights.

Date visited: 15th November 2020



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