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Trans Bukit Kumbang, Bukit Chenuang in Kemensah Valley

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

First of all, this hike is epic. The elevation gain in a short period is intense. But this whopping 18km hike around the Kemensah valley with waterfalls thrown in, makes it a rewarding and idyllic getaway in the city!

Batu Kumbang and Bukit Chenuang is part of Hulu Langat Forest Reserve. The furthest range of mountain behind Bukit Chenuang is the Nuang range located along the Selangor-Pahang state border. There are 2 entry points to Bukit Chenuang, via Sungai Congkak or Kemensah, the latter being the further route of about 9 km.

Starting point: Park at the Kombat Paintball Carpark and track on the ATV trail at the left. Pay RM5 for the parking, there are toilet and shower facilities there.

Hike Duration: Allow around 11 hours from parking area, 18km in total

End Hike: It is a backtrack

Hike Difficulty: 4/5 MODERATE TO HARD

The journey of 18km to and fro is arduous. But the terrain is moderate.

Scenery Rewards: 4/5


Hiking in the dense rainforest where there is no phone signal let alone 4G, it is of utmost importance to track in a group with a leader and a sweeper behind.

A permit is required to hike in this area and you should apply it from the Selangor Forestry Department or, Peaks Outdoor Adventure can arrange for guides and permits, and also arrange for trips and camping in any location.

Leech! If this is a problem for you, better come well-equipped to avoid seeing red.

1. Spray Listerin mouth wash on exposed areas such as legs!

2. Salt apparently deters them and also acts as a proactive antidote for their bites.

3. Leech proved socks will have you nicely wrapped up but you will be suffering in that steam bath!

What to bring

1. Basic first aid stuff such as disinfectant, ankle guard in case you sprain your ankle, band-aid.

2. Walking stick

3. Raincoat and Pancho ( you will be able to find them at any convenience store or Daiso shops for about RM6.00)

4. Torch

5. At least 3l of water, pack lunch, snack

6. Change of clothes, especially if you want to refresh yourself by the waterfalls at the end of the hike.

7. Good pair of hiking shoes is absolutely necessary

8. Gloves, in the jungle you never know what you touch or grab on to that may create a reaction to your skin.

9. Check the weather forecast


From the ATV carpark area, we tracked up this rather flat ATV trail towards the forest. This part can be muddy in rainy season and the texture of the soil sticky and gooey. It is a rather uninteresting 45-minute hike before we entered the forested area.

Stage 2 Forest, Riverside Trekking

From here the rugged trail starts. The beginning part of this trail, you hike through lush canopy, meander through undulating tracks, reach a clearing where the stream tumbles over a succession of cascades. Freshen up a little and head upward to the junction of Bukit Batu Kumbang. 45-minute to clear this part.

Part 2 of the hike is along the stream for most part

This is a good place to refuel and refresh before you head up to Bukit Batu Kumbang as the terrain gets narrower and steeper.

Beware of Leeches! Wet and humid is the perfect condition they strive in!

PART 3 Acend/Descend to Bukit Kumbang

From the Y junction, head up to Bukit Batu Kumbang 675m. The craggy peak of Bukit Batu Kumbang is a sheer rock phase that rises steeply from the base of the hill. If you are going to take your insta shot here, beware of your steps. It is a 85 degree drop!

If you are coming from Kemensah, ascend Bukit Batu Kumbang first! Our charismatic guide!
Bukit batu kumbang, Kemensah Valley, bukit cenuang
Bukit Batu Kumbang peak 675m with the distinctive Gunung Bunga Buah, Gunung Repin in the distance

Note: There are many bees up in the peak, just beware. Few of us are still nursing the aftermath of the bee stink!

Rather sharp descend from the junction down to the gully

Descend to the gully of Bukit Batu Kumbang. In fact, you will be tracking down the cliff edge of Bukit Batu Kumbang.

Some parts of the session are really steep and thankfully there are fixed ropes to assist your climbing.

Part 4 Ascend/Descend to Bukit Chenuang 850m

The trail reaches a steep hill at the gully. This hill would be Bukit Chenuang. This 30 minute ascend has some extremely steep bits towards the top. It is indeed some heart-pumping, sharp and intense challenging climb. The relentless gradient will leave you gasping for air every few minutes! You conquer this hill, step by step at a sheer angle and deep breaths in between!

Bukit Chenuang 850m peak

And once you see the familiar Beirut Tower, you have arrived! The views of Kuala Lumpur from the peak of 850m is simply stunning on a clear day! Refuel, rehydrate and head to the waterfalls.

After the intense ascent, Kuala Lumpur plunges down below you at 850m
850m at the peak with the Blue Team!

Part 5 Chasing waterfalls Neelofa/ Maya Karin

The sharp ascent and descent between the two hills can be energy-sapping. From the base of Bukit Chenuang, it will take another 1 hour half to reach the Neelofa/Maya Karin waterfalls. Half-way through this journey and you will feel like you are on a death march. The journey to the waterfall is endless. Before you reach the Neelofa waterfall, the trail plunges down some steep slopes. There is a succession of deep slopes before you hear the gushing of the cascades of the falls.

There were moments I questioned myself, what am I doing here marching endlessly with leeches and bees when I could be lazing in the comfort of my sofa! But, nature is an enticing bitch! You will keep coming back for more!
waterfall, maya karin waterfall, kemensah waterfalls
Extremely steep slopes heading to the falls

Neelofa and Maya Karin Waterfalls. Between the 2 falls, there is a fresh spring where you could refill!

Maya Karin Waterfalls

There is a succession of falls in this area, Neloofa, Maya Karin and Sofia Jane, all named after actress that has shot on location here. They are enthralling and each of them unique in their beauty and intensity!

Note: Halfway between Mayan Karin and Neelofa fall, there is a spring water source. If you are in dire need of water, this source would be safe!


The striking wild ginger is found in hilly terrain (200m-1200m) in Malaysia. It can grow very large (up to 10 feet shoots) with leaves up to 3.5 feet long). The base of each shoot measures about 12-18cm across!


You will come out of this hike energised! I wouldn't say that this is a tough hike but the distance is the killer. The waterfalls at the end was the trophy. It is pure bliss to rest below the cascades and let the water pound your stress away! Never underestimate an 18km hike in the jungle. If this is next on your list, and you are a newbie hiker, do start training for it by doing some 10 km routes. Bring enough water and food to reload as you will be summoning all the energy to traverse through the gradients. This hike will surely fix your outdoor wanderlust crave!

Date visited: April 2021

Photo Credits: Nature Hunters